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5 Big Companies that use Slave Labor

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Whoa! I read this article on the Green Living website while checking out articles. I’m dismayed that these large companies are still using slave labor. Please give this article a read and rethink buying from these companies. In this day and age we shouldn’t be exploiting people to get cheaply made clothing. We need to encourage fair trade policies and we need to encourage artisans instead of manufacturers. I would rather have a one of a kind item that is well made and unique than something that everyone could be wearing.

To summarize, here are the five big companies.

1. Philip Morris

2. Victoria’s Secret

3. KYE

4. Urban Outfitters

5. Hershey’s

Besides the issue of fair trade, there are unfortunately a lot of companies that are pretty wasteful. Take a read at this article on the Go Green website about what it costs to dress eco-friendly. There’s also Adria Vasil’s column on Now Magazine that answers this question about eco-friendly clothing in the malls. It’s true there isn’t much to find at the malls. Mostly H&M and American Apparel have anything worth nothing. I hope this changes someday. A new store called Terra 20 just opened up in Ottawa, Ontario defying the mainstream mall scenario. I hope it does well enough that they open a Toronto location! I would dearly love to have a store like this in my backyard. Though it’s nice to see local designers going more eco. Miik Clothing is an example of this. They make clothing using bamboo that is processed in a closed loop system. I’ve bought some of their cardigans and tops and can personally attest to their quality. Device Design is another local Toronto designer using eco-friendly materials.


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