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Product Review: Max Green Alchemy Haircare

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So this is one of the eco-friendly brands I had on my list to try. Luckily a local store not far from me carries this line. I got the scalp rescue shampoo, conditioner & the styling gel. In general this brand is more expensive than what I was using before. But I discovered my regular brand (Curly Hair Institute) isn’t as eco-friendly as I thought. This is why I’m on the hunt for more green hair care brands. Anyway, on to the reviews.

shampoo_197Scalp Rescue Shampoo

This shampoo is a bit too drying for my hair. While it feels like it would be good at getting rid of any product build-up I wouldn’t recommend it for daily usage. It’s more of a clarifying shampoo in my opinion.

Scalp Rescue Conditioner

Feels nice on the scalp & left my hair light & soft. For myself I would need a weekly deep conditioner to go with this on days when my hair is especially dry. Nice lime scent to it which faded as my hair dried.


Styling Gel

By itself it didn’t give my hair a good curl formation. I tried it again today with some almond oil & that was a big mistake. It flaked massively. With some water I was able to get rid of most of the flakes. But needless to say, do not combine with almond oil! Tomorrow I’ll try it without the oil (obviously) but with my regular leave-in conditioner. So far my opinion of this gel is that it might not be worth the money. For this price I expect better results!

All images of products from: Max Green Alchemy website


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