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Product Review: @miessence Skincare

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Image from: Miessence

5/5 stars

Just before the holidays I had a nastly allergic reaction to some skincare products I was using. So I went out to get some new stuff to try.  Wandered over to Urb Organic Spa & bought a line of skincare that I’d always wanted to try. Miessence is a natural & eco-friendly skincare brand from Australia that uses certified organic ingredients. It’s not widely found in Canada. I got the Purifying Cleanser, Skin Conditioner & Moisturizer. I didn’t know this when I first tried these products but apparently your skin will go through a detox period where it gets worse before it gets better. According to their website, the detox should take about a month. I’ve been using it for almost a month now, & the breakout are going away now.  It seems a bit drying to my skin though, so perhaps I need to alternate the moisturizer with the Balancing one instead of the Purifying Moisturizer.  Despite the breakouts in the beginning I’ve been getting compliments on my skin glowing.  So I think I will go ahead & try their other products.  For full ingredients list  & prices, please see the Miessence website.

Update Feb 23/13: So as I mentioned in my recent review of Suki Skincare, Miessence turned out to be too harsh for my skin in the long run. So I’m modifying my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars. The ingredients etc are good, it just didn’t suit my skin. Perhaps the Balancing Line would have been better for me. But since I’m happy with Suki Skincare, I will stick with that! Plus, it’s easier for me to find Suki Skincare in my city (Toronto) as it’s more widely distributed being an American company.


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