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No more wild wolves?

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Image from: The Wolfs Web

If what I read from George Monbiot’s blog post is true, there will soon be no more wild wolves.  It jives with what I know about Alberta. But that wolves are being killed off in Siberia also disturbs me. I know not everyone agrees with me, but in my opinion wolves are beautiful, majestic creatures. And if we didn’t mess with nature & the cycle of life, nothing would be out of balance.  Wolves, among other wild animals are fighting for their lives. They have to hunt to fill their bellies & have something to eat. They cannot go to the supermarket like us where food is readily available.  But we are disrupting their worlds but cutting down their habitats & eating their normal food sources.  What are they supposed to do given our intrusion? They either eat from the garbage bins, eat our livestock, or starve.

polar bear
Image from: The Magazine

It makes me really mad how we’re trying to save some species (half-heartedly if you ask me) & kill off others.  Polar bears are another animal that is helpless to avoid the effects we’ve been having on their lives.  There’s barely any more polar ice for them to live on. Polar bear mothers have to swim a lot longer now to get to ice & their newborn babies often aren’t strong enough to make it the whole way & drown. Take a look at the WWF Canada website on threats to the polar bear. I’ve seen too many documentaries lately of polar bears dying from lack of food. One poor young male polar bear was on the coastline in the spring, overheating from the sun, trying to catch a baby walrus for food. But the baby walrus was too well protected by its family. It ended up having to scale precarious cliffs to eat some birds eggs. But that wasn’t enough food for the polar bear. It ended up dying from the heat & starvation.  When are we going to stop being selfish about how our lives impact other beings that live on this planet with us?


Author: Hazel

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One thought on “No more wild wolves?

  1. This has been an on going problem for a long time. Never Cry Wolf is a book by Farley Mowat, first published in 1963, explored this issue of how we demonize creatures that don’t fit our expectations & needs of the ebvironment. When the novel was published in the Soviet Union, the Russian title actually translates, Wolves, Don’t Cry.

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