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Product Review: @sukiskincare

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So the last natural skincare line I tried (Miessence Purifying Line) didn’t work out for me in the long run. It was great at detoxifying my skin but prolonged use ended up being too harsh for me. So I was on the hunt for a better fit for my combo, occasionally acne prone & sensitive skin.  I’d heard good things about Suki Skincare & I bought the trial sizes before buying the full sizes of the products below.

All images from Suki Skincare website.

Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (Balancing):
This cleanser smells so nice! It’s got a fresh citrus smell that I love. Besides the smell, it cleans my face really well. A week after using this cleanser my blackheads have disappeared & my skin feels like velvet.  I like to get my face nice & wet before taking a pea sized amount in my hands. Then I emulsify the cleanser in my hands before gently scrubbing it onto my face.  I use this cleanser once a day,  just to get off the makeup. It’s amazing! Click here for the ingredients list.

Transforming Clay:
This is a 3 in 1 product: cleanser, masque & blemish treatment. I like to use it as a blemish treatment/masque. It’s a milky white liquid that when you smooth it on, disappears completely. So it won’t stain your pillows if you want to leave it on overnight. I’ve done this a couple of times with some blemishes on my chin. It didn’t dry out my skin & my skin didn’t peel either. Which is what normally happens with blemish treatments for me.  Smells great too! The scent is a subtle herb smell. For those who are sensitive to scents this is great.  Ingredients list.

Concentrated Balancing Toner:
What a soothing toner! Smells faintly of flowers, orchid, if I’m not mistaken. I use four sprays on my face for the forehead, each cheek, & then my chin area.  My face feels nice & well, toned! But not tight! Ingredients list.

Balancing Day Lotion:
This lotion smells very similar to the balancing toner so they go well together in that way. Also a milky white consistency. One or two pumps smoothed on my face & neck kept my skin moisturized but not shiny all day long. My makeup seems to last better as well. Again my skin feels like velvet when I smooth this stuff on my face. I’m so happy with this lotion! Ingredients list.

5/5 stars!
I really like this skincare line! Everything is affordably priced as well. All the products above were about $30-$40.  I’ve paid more for skincare products that didn’t work as well, so I’m happy to find products that cost less, are natural & actually work! For those who think that this is pricey, I would challenge you to think about quality versus quantity. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Do you want to use quality products that cost a little bit more? Or do you want to buy the cheapest thing out there? For myself the choice is clear. I’d rather buy quality.


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