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Product Review: @lotuswei ~ Mini Perfume Sampler, Quiet Mind Elixir, Pure Energy Elixir

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I was running out of perfume & I wanted to try something new. I’d heard about Lotus Wei on No More Dirty Looks. So I wandered onto Saffron Rouge & bought some of their products to try.

All images from: Saffron Rouge

lw pic
Mini Perfume Sampler: At $32 for six little bottles of perfume I think this was the perfect way to try the Lotus Wei collection without having to buy full size bottles. These would also be great for traveling. Keep in mind these are not only perfumes but flower essences for aromatherapy.  I was skeptical that they would really work but they did! It was hard for me not to sniff my wrists all day long. I especially like Joy Juice & Infinite Love.  Pure Energy was great for an added boost to lift my spirits when I felt tired.  Inspired Action helps you keep your mind clear & focused. Inner Peace & Quiet Mind are great for before bedtime as they help you wind down for the night.

qm elixir
Quiet Mind Elixir: This tastes a bit like honey mixed in with the grape alcohol.  I like to have some of this before bed in my tea. It helps me to have a peaceful sleep & keeps my mind from chattering all night long. I feel nice & mellow when having this in the evenings.

Pure Energy Elixir:  Just what the name says, this will give you an energy boost when you need it! For the times when you don`t want to have caffeine but still need a bit of a lift in a natural way this elixir is great!

5/5 stars!
Lotus Wei `s scents are addictive. The perfume blends are very appealing & combined in an interesting way. You can also layer the scents if you want to. On some days I will layer two to three scents that I need for the day.  The great thing about this is that you will never smell like every other lady wearing perfumes. I like the option of being original.  The elixirs are great too. I used to use Bach`s Flower Essences but there are too many of them & you have to buy so many little bottles to address all the areas you want to. But with the elixirs you can address what you want in a general way.  Feeling tired? Take Pure Energy. Need to focus? Take Inspired Action. You get the idea.


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