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Product Review: Primavera, and @kahina1 Giving Beauty

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All images from: Saffron Rouge


Primavera Balancing Starter Kit

This kit consists of the Balancing Gel Cleanser, the Balancing Toner and the Balancing Oil Control Lotion. I’ve been using this kit for about two weeks now. First impressions? I really love the cleanser. My skin is super sensitive and acne prone and the cleanser is so gentle on my skin. It doesn’t irritate it at all and my skin feels super clean but not dried out.  The toner is a little more generic in my opinion. It’s also quite gentle. I’m not 100% sure if it’s the best toner for my skin as it feels mostly of just water and glycerin which are the top three ingredients in the list. As for the Oil Control Lotion, OMG! Love love love! Helps keep my skin matte all day long yet still moisturized and nourished. I’ve bought the full size of the Gel Cleanser and the Oil Control Lotion. The good thing about the starter kit is that it’s affordable ($20.00 CAD on Saffron Rouge). The full sizes aren’t that expensive either.


Primavera Balancing Anti Blemish Treatment (10mL/0.3fl.oz)

For such a small sized product this item seemed kind of expensive ($23.00 CAD). But in my search for the HG of blemish treatments I’m usually willing to spend a bit more if the product is effective. Surprisingly, it’s pretty good. It’s also gentle on the skin like the rest of the balancing line from Primavera. It also shrinks my pimples without making my skin peel or drying me out too much.  I would’ve like the option of being able to get a larger size though.

kahina br serum

Kahina Giving Beauty Brightening Serum

This bottle is expensive! $79.00 CAD for 30 ml/ 1 fl oz.  But I first tried this as a sample from Saffron Rouge and was amazed at how well and how fast it worked. So I bought the full sized bottle.  Since I don’t use it as much as a regular moisturizer I may be able to make this stretch a bit longer. This stuff really works though! It’s helped give my skin a more even and brighter tone.  Smells great too. I like to put this on my face after cleansing and toning for the evening so my skin really soaks it up. I started breaking out during my monthly cycle while using this though, so I’m testing not using it for a bit to see if it was really the Kahina or just my cycle making me break out more.


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