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Product Review: @bdelliumtools ~ Green Bambu Cosmetic Brushes

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Images from Bdellium Tools

About a month ago I realized I needed new cosmetic brushes. My old ones from Shoppers Drug Mart (Quo Line) were not eco-friendly. These were left over from the days before I’d gone eco & I was determined that if I did get new cosmetic brushes I would get a set that was not only eco-friendly but great quality. I was browsing one of my favourite eco blogs Ecouterre when I happened across their article listing 7 eco-friendly & vegan make up brushes. I happily read the article & then did my own research: reading about the brands, comparing prices, finding out where each was available. Happily, Bdellium Tools seemed the best fit & Devu Cosmetics ships within Canada (as well as internationally). So I bought the full set in late July & have been using them ever since! Thanks Devu Cosmetics for the prompt shipping!


The Green Bambu line from Bdellium Tools are brushes with handles made from sustainable bamboo, vegan synthetic bristles, & anodized aluminum ferrule. Firstly, the bristles of the brushes are so soft & gentle on the skin. They don’t poke my skin like some bad quality brushes I’ve used in the past. They have a professional feel to them. Plus, the handles of the brushes aren’t ridiculously long. The handles are just long enough so one can comfortably use them. But you won’t be in danger of poking your eyes out.  I don’t know how, but the bristles also pick up & deposit more colour.  With my old brushes I found I had to keep dipping into my mineral foundation, eyeshadows or what not to get more coverage.  But with the Green Bambu brushes I only need to dip once. For times when I’m concealing blemishes I would dip a few more times, but certainly not as much as I used to with my old brushes.


So I’ve been using the Green Bambu brushes for two weeks now & I love them! I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I like that Devu Cosmetics also sells the brushes individually as well. I definitely use some more intensively than the others & I would be able to replace them as they get worn out.

Rating: 5/5 stars!


Author: Hazel

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