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Rahua, Finishing Treatment, Voluminous Conditioner and Hair Wax

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All images are from the Rahua website.

What can I say? I love me some Rahua! I discovered Rahua through Fresh Faced & Saffron Rouge. I’ve tried three of their products now & really love them.


Finishing Treatment
This was the first product I’ve used of Rahua’s. I  used this every day as a leave-in & styling cream but it’s kind of expensive at $52.00 CAD for 60mL (2fl.oz). I like the consistency though. It’s thicker than hair gel, but not thick enough to be like a hair wax or pomade. When I used it as a styling cream my hair was very shiny, soft & frizz free. There was actually a bit of hold to it as well. Pricey, but well worth the cost for the hair it gave me. When I repurchase I will just use it sparingly to make it last longer.
Rating: 5/5 stars


Voluminous Conditioner
At $34.00 CAD for 275mL (9.3 oz) the voluminous conditioner is much more affordable. Since I make my own conditioning rinse, I started using this as a leave-in after I finished my jar of Finishing Treatment. As a styling cream this doesn’t have enough hold to keep my loose, curly hair frizz-free. So for me it’s just good for a casual day at home or when I’m out doing something active. It’s still great for keeping my hair hydrated though. And the smell is so subtle.  It fades to nothing when my hair dries, so it won’t bother those who are allergic to scents.
Rating: 4/5 stars


Hair Wax
I’m not sure why, but Fresh Faced isn’t carrying the hair wax yet. Only Saffron Rouge is carrying it right now. But the Yarok Styling Whip was out of stock so I thought I would try this hair wax. I must say, if you need heavy duty hold, this is the stuff! It’s $37.00 CAD for 90mL (3fl.oz). It’s more expensive than the Yarok Styling Whip but a small dab goes a long way & holds quite well. I watched the little video Rahua had on their website & it made me laugh. Cute! This works best on my hair when it’s sopping wet. Otherwise I end up putting a little too much & my hair becomes rock hard. Gotta be careful about that. I don’t want to end up with helmet head! LOL.
Rating: 5/5 stars

Final Thoughts:
Rahua is a great line. I’m so glad I heard about them. There are more & more options now for eco-friendly products. I checked the ratings for these products on Skin Deep & on the Think Dirty App. The ratings on the Think Dirty App were zero toxicity for the Voluminous Conditioner & Finishing Treatment. The hair wax isn’t yet listed in their app since it’s the newest product.  As for Skin Deep, they didn’t have any listings for Rahua’s products so I checked the ingredients individually & most of them rated from 0-2 in toxicity (which EWG considers safe to use). For example, in the Finishing Treatment, one of the ingredients Stearalkonium Chloride has a 4 rating (moderate toxicity) on Skin Deep. It’s listed as a possible toxicant or allergen. So just be aware if you’re the type who has chemical sensitivities!


Author: Hazel

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