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I Heart Canadian-Made Clothing

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Okay, so its baby steps on my eco-fashion journey. I already have some eco-friendly clothing from Miik & Device but the majority of my wardrobe isn’t yet eco.

My resolution this year was to buy only Canadian made clothing & eventually transition to only eco-friendly clothing. I’m originally a mall rat from Scarborough so I had to learn from scratch about where to find eco-friendly clothing. What’s lamentable about the malls here is that most of them don’t carry any A) eco-friendly clothing & B) is dominated by American clothing brands. I’ve nothing against American-made clothing. They have more eco-friendly options available than we do. Kudos to them for that. I just want to support Canadian designers who often struggle with getting themselves better known to a wider consumer market.

As I’ve discovered in my research, eco-friendly clothing is the easiest to find on-line or at boutique type shops which are mostly located downtown. Below you’ll find a list of my fave boutiques in Toronto & why I love them. Some of them do carry eco-friendly clothing.


Can you say awesome!? The vibe in Fresh Collective is so amazing. I feel like I’m at a girlfriend’s house & we’re playing dress up. There isn’t pressure to buy, buy, buy like in other stores. But it’s hard to resist buying something because they carry such beautiful clothing & accessories. I love Mandala Design & Annie50, both are Canadian designers. Eco finds: Paper People Clothing (made in Toronto).

The lovely & kind Julie runs this gem of a store. I love the natural atmosphere when you walk in. The decor consists of real tree posts for the clothing displays. It’s also bright & airy. They carry clothing for men & women as well as eco bodycare items. Eco finds: Miik Clothing

Coal Miner’s Daughter focuses on Canadian-made clothing & jewellry. I bought a sleeveless polka dot dress by Against Nudity (from Montreal) at the Bathurst location & I really love it! Eco finds: Pillar Clothing & Elroy Apparel.

I love the boutiquey vibe of Trove. They carry local & international independent designers. They carry Second Denim which is Canadian. Heartbreaker is another of my fave lines but they are no Canadian.  Eco finds: Shoes: El Naturalista; Bags: Mosey, Talented Totes, Pixie Mood Bags; Jewellry: Pyrrha.

Designed by Jennifer Ziliotto & produced in Canada. She used to work for Karl Lagerfeld! This store reminds me of a chic French boutique. I’ve never been to France but this is what I imagine a boutique in Paris might look like. The pieces look pretty basic on the hanger but the magic happens when you try on the clothes. They are very well made, timeless & comfortable. Comfy is also important to me. It can be hard to find comfortable clothing that still looks upscale. But Ziliotto manages this amazingly!

Designed & made in Toronto by Connie Meyer. The clothing in this store is modern with a bit of a whimsical, quirky side. Meyer likes to play with asymmetrical designs & creative use of materials. I bought two sleeveless tops from here & a couple of skirts.

This is a great store for the more sporty type of person. They carry a lot of eco-friendly clothing/items for men & for women. Eco finds: Miik Clothing, Toms Shoes, Horny Toad, Patagonia, Nau, Timberland.

There’s my roundup! I have to thank Samantha Stylish. I heard about most of the stores from her blog. If I hadn’t seen the lovely pics of clothing from these stores I probably wouldn’t have gone all the way downtown to visit the store. Which would’ve been a pity! Since there’s so much gorgeous Canadian-made clothing to be had downtown. There are still more stores I’ve yet to explore. Two of them being Chartreuse Style & Eco Existence which focus on eco-friendly clothing. When I visit them I’ll be sure to write a post about it!


Author: Hazel

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