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Spa Review: Pure + Simple, Aquabrasion Facial



On Sunday, I went to the Pure + Simple spa at Yonge and Eglinton for the Aquabrasion facial which was on special at the time. What follows is a review of my experience. First a little background on the company.

I’ve been a long time fan of Pure + Simple. I buy a lot of my products there. Thank God for them! They make it so easy to get natural and eco-friendly skin care. Long before Consonant popped up in the Young and Elligible neighbourhood they were an outpost of local beauty products. (Torontonian joke, this is what locals call the Yonge Street and Eglinton Ave area.)  Yes for you peeps out there who aren’t familiar with Pure + Simple, they are a Canadian business with three Toronto locations. For those that don’t live in Toronto they also ship to other provinces, as well as the USA and Internationally. On to my review!

Pictured above: Holistic Vanity, Damage Care Intro Kit, $48.00 CAD

I arrived about 15 minutes early for my appointment and was promptly offered a beverage to drink.  After filling out a client form (on a wipeable whiteboard so there’s no paper wastage. Love that btw!).  I decided to browse around the store for a bit. I’ve been wanting to try the Holistic Vanity Damage Care Line but I need to finish up some of my current potions before I do so. Still, it was tempting to grab the intro kit since it was staring right at me. Such cute packaging too! Shortly after putting the intro kit back on the shelf. I was called in by my esthetician Janet to go into the treatment room.

There are about 4 treatment rooms which are painted black. Speakers above pipe in relaxing music to help soothe you and they have a cushy spa bed covered with earth tone coloured blankets. Once I’m nestled in between the cozy covers of the spa bed, I’m ready for my Aquabrasion facial. We begin with cleansing, progress to the facial massage, then the steam and extractions. Janet was very gentle with the extractions and they weren’t as painful as some I’ve had at other spas. Also in the days after the facial I saw that my skin wasn’t bruised from the extractions either. Now that’s the mark of a skilled esthetician in my book!

After the extractions it was time for the Aquabrasion, which uses pressurized saline solution to do the exfoliation portion. I have to say it’s not painful at all. I hardly felt anything. I’ve had Microdermbrasion once before at a different spa using walnut grains and I felt more with that treatment. One thing to note, the machine they use for the Aquabrasion is quite noisy. If you have sensitive ears you might want to put some earplugs in, especially since they do the area of skin right in front of your ears. You could probably also ask them to stay away from your ears if you really wanted that. I just decided to grin and bear it though I did find the pressure and noise a bit uncomfortable when around my ears.  After the Aquabrasion I had a mask placed on my face which sat for a while. During that time Janet massaged my shoulders and neck. She’s very talented with her hands. I almost fell asleep! Once the mask was removed she put on some protective serums, an SPF and that was the end of my treatment. Total time was about 1 hr and 15 mins.

Pictured above: Damage Care, Argan Oil, $58.00, 100 ml

After my treatment I came out to the front of the shop where Janet asked if I had any questions. I took advantage of that moment to pick her brain. I was wondering if the Holistic Vanity Regenerating Seabuckthorn Oil would be compatible for my skin. I’ve heard tons about Seabuckthorn in general, but never tried it.  She recommended for me instead the Holistic Vanity Damage Care Argan Oil which I’ll try when I run out of my current face oil. The day after the facial I noticed my face peeling quite a bit and the texture of my skin was quite bumpy. But by the second day after the facial the peeling skin was gone once I slathered my face with serum and oil. My face felt like velvet that second morning. Great results! Thanks Pure + Simple!

Rating: 5/5


Author: Hazel

Unrepentant blogger of eco beauty, fashion and info living in Toronto, Canada. Blogging and reviews about eco-friendly organic brands, beauty, fashion, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, body care, DIY recipes, home, wellness, and lifestyle products that are available in Canada.

2 thoughts on “Spa Review: Pure + Simple, Aquabrasion Facial

  1. Nice review!!

    I LOVE Pure & Simple products 🙂 They’re the only products I use! I haven’t tried the Aquabrasion that you wrote about though.


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