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Product Review: @DrHauschka_USA ~ Oily Skin Care Set

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drh-oily skin care set
Image from: Saffron Rouge

I never thought of myself as a person with oily skin before. I was always told that I have combination skin. But lately I’ve discovered that when I use products which are labelled oily skin or sensitive skin, my skin doesn’t seem to react as much.  Enter the Dr. Hauschka Oily Skin Care Set. After finding out from the thinkdirty app that my Primavera Oil Balancing Cleanser wasn’t as clean as I thought, I decided to try Dr. H next. Also, I’d always wanted to try Dr. H products but had always thought they were too expensive. I don’t think that anymore! In a world with May Lindstrom products (which I haven’t tried yet) I can’t think of Dr. H as expensive anymore.  I’ve also found that sometimes the best natural & eco-friendly brands are a bit more pricey. I’d rather pay a little more for quality & non-toxic ingredients so I was okay with the prices.

Over the course of a month I tried Dr. Hauschka’s products. Repurchasing one item afterwards. Here are my results.

Cleansing Cream:
I liked the consistency of this cream & the way it feels on my skin. It’s a paste with some soft granules for gentle exfoliation.The affect on my skin after first use was good. It left my skin feeling cleansed, yet still hydrated. The scent is a bit strong for a cleanser. It smelled like a combination of roses & some other floral scents I couldn’t identify.  Also the scent lingered even after I rinsed & dried my face. Not ideal for those sensitive to scents. I repurchased this after running out of the sample but have since found something better (Marie Veronique’s Treatment Cleanser) which I’m still testing out.

Clarifying Toner:
The toner had a nice herbal scent that wasn’t too overpowering. It disappears once absorbed by my skin. I wasn’t too impressed with it though. It didn’t seem to do anything much to my skin. As toners go, it was pretty ordinary. For the price I think I can get something better. I won’t be repurchasing this one.

Normalizing Day Oil:
Again, pretty ordinary as face oils go.  It was okay, but not amazing. The oil felt too heavy & thick for me. It’s wasn’t easy to spread on my skin. Considering this is an oily skin set I find that surprising.  My skin also didn’t absorb it that well. It just sat on the top layer of my skin & made me all shiny.  Won’t be repurchasing.

Facial Steam Bath:
So I followed instructions & put a bit of this in boiling water to steam my face. Ugh! I can’t believe they recommend people steam their face with this stuff.  As soon as I put the towel over my head to steam & inhaled, I started coughing. I felt like I was inhaling turpentine! (Side note, I used to paint with oil paints, hence the turpentine reference.) It was so bad I had to stop & throw it out. I think I’d much rather steam my face with just plain water or dried herbs. Needless to say, I won’t be repurchasing.

Cleansing Clay Mask:
The clay in this mask is very fine. While it was nice not to have a gunky mess of a mask, I found it hard to put on as the sediment kept sticking to the bottom of my bowl despite being well stirred. I should mention that I mixed this only with water. It probably would have been better paired with something thicker like honey or yogurt. As masks go, a full sized jar of this is too pricey for me to buy regularly. There are better masks out there that are cheaper. Not repurchasing.

Rejuvenating Mask:
Another unremarkable mask. It had some mild moisturizing effects on my skin. But again, the full sized version of this mask is too pricey for the results I got. Faint praise but I gotta be honest. I think this mask would work better for someone with drier skin than mine. So I’m not sure why they included this in an oily skin care set.

The Dr. Hauschka Oily Skin Care Set costs $26.00 CAD on Saffron Rouge. Perhaps Dr. Hauschka works better for other skin types. But it didn’t work well enough for me to want to buy all these products again. If I’m going to spend a pretty penny I demand better performance from the products I use. This line just didn’t impress me.

Overall score: 2/5


Author: Hazel

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