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Product Review: @NOWFoods ~ Sweet Almond Oil & Apricot Kernel Oil

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Image from: Well.ca

Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil:
Yes peeps I’ve resisted tooth & nail but I finally jumped on the body oil bandwagon. In the latter half July & August I started using Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil instead of body lotion. I’ve been trying to simplify & purify my beauty routine & I thought what better way to do this than by using just a single body oil to moisturize? A single ingredient is a simple & pure as you can get! I’m happy to say that I’m now a body oil convert. Sweet Almond Oil is perfect for the summer months as it’s lighter & it absorbed easily into my skin without too much of an oily residue. It kept my skin nicely hydrated. Perfect for bare legs in the summertime.  Keep in mind I used very little. A couple of drops for each body part. Of course if you put it on thickly you’re going to be an oil slick. So just use common sense. My skin is oilier so I didn’t need much. If my mom were using this oil she would probably need to use much more, or a thicker more hydrating oil. A small, 118ml bottle of this oil goes for $6.99CAD on Well.ca & it lasted me about 2 & a half months.

Rating: 5/5

Image from: Well.ca

Now Solutions Apricot Kernel Oil:
Since September I’ve been using the Apricot Kernel Oil along with Ground Soap’s Bright & Feisty Bar that I bought from Lilou Organics (review to come!). I’ve been loving this combination of products. The Apricot Kernel Oil is perfect for the drier months of fall. I slap some on my skin right after my shower & it keeps my skin hydrated all day long. My skin feels really nice & soft now. It’s the same price as the Sweet Almond Oil at Well.ca: $6.99 CAD for 118ml.

Rating: 5/5


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