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Product Review: @GroundSoap Bright and Feisty

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Image from: Ground Soap

As I mentioned in my Now Solutions Review, I’ve been using their Apricot Kernel Oil after using Ground Soap`s Bright & Feisty in the shower.  The combination has been amazing for my skin. My skin feels so soft & flawless lately. I used to get these scaly, bumpy spots on my upper arms. But since I’ve been using the Ground Soap & Now’s Apricot Oil those bumpy spots have disappeared. I also used to get acne breakouts on my back. But again those have disappeared since using these two products in combination with each other. The texture of the soap is slightly grainy. The grapefruit & lemon rinds in the soap help to provide gentle exfoliation. Yet despite the grainy texture it lathers up quite well & feels super creamy on my skin.  Must be the coconut oil, olive oil & mango butter provide the moisturizing ingredients. After I rinse off the soap my skin feels clean, soft & fresh. Given the ingredients the scent is a soft herbal scent. Very refreshing if you ask me. For those who are scent sensitive, the smell of the soap dissipates once my skin is dry.  I’ve already finished my half of this bar of soap. I cut it in half & let hubby use the other half to help clear up his skin. I would definitely repurchase this soap. I’m thinking it would also be a great gift to give someone.  I was never really big on bar soap, but this kind of soap has changed my mind. Plus, its a Canadian company. I love to support Canadian businesses. It can be bought in Canada from Lilou Organics, for 9.99 CAD. For a list of other retailers in Canada, click here. I hope Ground Soap will be at the Toronto One of a Kind Show starting Nov 28th. If they are I will definitely visit their booth!


Author: Hazel

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