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Various Product Reviews – Now Foods, Soapwalla and Marie Veronique

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Image Source: Healthy Planet

Now Foods, Avocado Oil
Yeah, maybe I’m a bit too methodical. But I wanted to get a handle on the differences between the common oils people use on their skin. The only way to do that besides reading about it, is to physically put them on my skin and see how it reacts. Avocado oil absorbs nicely into my skin after a shower. It’s a bit heavier than the apricot kernel oil I reviewed. It does however have a bit of a scent. What does it smell like? It smells a bit musty to me. But the scent is very mild and it also dissipates once dry. Not sure yet if I want to repurchase. Though I like its moisturizing properties. The next body oil I will try is one I purchased at the One of a Kind Show from the All Things Jill’s booth.
Cost: 5.89 CAD, 118ml,
Available at: Healthy Planet, Well.ca
Rating: 4/5

Image Source: Fresh Faced

Soapwalla, Lavender and French Clay Soap Bar
This is one hard bar of soap. After reviewing Ground Soap’s Bright and Feisty. I found this bar kinda hard. But it grew on me after a while. The scent is soft and mild. It smells of lavender and other herbals. It’s very subtle, which I like. It lathers nicely after I doused my bath mitt in water. It’s not as moisturizing as Ground Soap though. The only good thing about it not being so melty is that it will probably last longer in a regular soap dish that doesn’t have drainage holes. I liked Soapwalla’s Activted Bamboo Soap better and Ground Soap was better too. May not repurchase.
Cost: 10.00 CAD
Available at: Fresh Faced
Rating: 3/5

Image Source: Fresh Faced

Marie Veronique Organics, Treatment Mist:
I bought this after finishing my toner from Vauxhall. MVO’s Treatment Mist doesn’t have emu oil in it. So I’m ethically fine with it. I have to say, this toner works pretty well. I spritz it on after washing my face and before putting my serums and creams on. It’s also great for setting your makeup. I use loose mineral foundation which can be a tad drying so this helps put a bit of moisture back in. I would definitely repurchase.
Cost: 38.00 CAD, 4oz/120ml
Available at: Marie Veronique, Lilou Organics
Rating: 5/5


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