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Product Review: @hautvegan Cosmetics


I’m kind of a twitter addict. I don’t know why, I just love it. I’ve learned a lot from following certain people on twitter & that’s how I found out about Haut Cosmetics. Someone tweeted about Clean Care. And I, being the curious animal that I am, had to find out what it was. Clean Care’s mission is to promote personal care products and cosmetics free of toxic chemicals. Check out their member site to see who they endorse. Anyways, back to my story….Most of you know I like to support Canadian businesses. So I checked out Haut’s website & the ingredients in their products. I have some high standards for my skincare & cosmetics. I liked what I saw & ordered some samples from Haut to test out. Here are my results.

Note: All images in this post are from the Haut Cosmetics website.


Bio-Mineral Foundation:
I sent some pictures of myself to the founder (Joanne) to get help in picking a foundation shade. She thought the Burnt Almond would suit me best. But I also added a sample of the next shade up (Raw Agave) to my order. Turns out the Raw Agave shade works best for me as my summer shade when I’m more tanned & the Burnt Almond is the perfect winter shade for me. Now on to the foundation itself. This is a loose powder foundation. I haven’t used a loose powder foundation for a while. I like the convenience of having pressed foundation as it’s easier to travel with & less messy too. The sample size comes in a cute little jar with a sifter top. It helps to dispense only a little bit of foundation at a time. For me that’s useful as I tend to slap makeup on my face when I’m in a hurry & sometimes I can put a tad too much. The full size jar comes with a sifter top that has a lever to keep the product from slipping out. Nice! On to the texture of the product. Putting it on my face it feels more finely milled than some other loose foundations I’ve tried. It goes on sheer but can be built up for the coverage that you want.  I always put a light layer on top of my concealer then see if I need more coverage. If I do, then I will feather on another light layer. But despite putting on two layers of the foundation I can’t feel it sitting on my skin like other foundations do. I feels like nothing. It’s been about a month since I started using it & I’m still amazed at how weightless it is. My skin type is sensitive & acne prone. I’m happy to report that the bio-mineral foundation did not irritate me or break me out at all. The colour goes on very natural as well. It looks like my skin but better! I have already repurchased!
$59.00 CAD, 10g
Rating: 5/5


BB Cream:
I wasn’t really sure what the BB cream would do when I opened the sample jar & put it on my skin (Burnt Almond shade). It’s very light. Not at all like some BB creams I’ve tried in the past that were like a paste with highly pigmented colour for full coverage. I put the BB Cream on before the foundation & it does help the colour go on smoother somehow. The overall effect was a nice smooth finish. However, I’m trying to streamline my makeup routine so I’m not sure I really need this extra step. I’ll see how my makeup looks without it for a while. If it really makes a significant difference I will repurchase. It smells faintly of coconut oil, but the smell dissipates once product dries on your skin.
Note: Their BB cream doesn’t contain any fillers so a 1/4 oz jar will last 3-4 months.
Cost: $39.95 CAD, 1/4oz
Rating: 4/5

Beige Brightener:
This product works as a concealer & can also be used as a highlighter for those with darker skin tones. Texture is thick & paste-like. A little goes a long way. I’m still on my sample jar! There is little to no scent to this item. It works well as a concealer on my dark spots but didn’t completely cover my under eye circles. I have some other concealers to finish up before I consider repurchasing the beige brightener.
Cost: $29.50 CAD, 0.15oz, 4.25g
Rating: 4/5


Glacial Clay Cleanser:
I love this as a mask. In texture, it’s almost as finely milled as the bio-mineral foundation. I love putting on a detoxifying mask that doesn’t end up clumpy on my face. The affect on my skin after using it? Well it left my skin feeling clean, bright & balanced.  As a cleanser it works well too. But I’m a bit lazy & don’t like to mix my cleanser every time I want to wash my face. As for scent, I couldn’t really smell anything discernable. I’m currently testing out a bunch of other masks. Once I’m done with those I may consider repurchasing this one.
Cost: $39.95 CAD, 2.5oz
Rating: 4/5


Balancing Mist:
I wanted to love the balancing mist. But somehow it was a bit too drying for my skin. The scent is also very strong.  It smells heavily of flower scents & the scent does linger. This mist is not for those who are sensitive to scents. Nor for those with dry skin. The mist would probably work best on oily skin types.
Cost: $18.95 CAD, 4oz
Rating: 2/5


Coconut Cream:

I so wanted to love this cream. The texture of it is thick & luxurious. It smells deliciously of coconut oil. It’s great at moisturizing. It did help my makeup go on smoothly. But my skin just doesn’t love coconut oil. I tried it years ago when I did oil cleansing but broke out in massive, painful pimples. So I had to stop using it. The same thing has happened again. I know it was the coconut oil because this was the only product I stopped using & my skin started clearing up again. Alas, it was not to be. My mom would probably love this cream. Her skin is extremely dry & not sensitive at all like mine is. So while this product didn’t work for my skin type, I would recommend it to those who are not sensitive to coconut oil.

Note: Haut Cosmetics doesn’t include any fillers in their moisturizers & primers so a 3/4 oz jar will last about 4-6 months.
Cost: $59.00 CAD, 22 ml / 3/4 oz
Rating: 3/5


Purifying Primer:

Joanne was so kind as to send me a sample of the Purifying Primer with my order of a full size Bio-Mineral Foundation after I told her that the Coconut Cream didn’t work for me. I’m glad to report that the Purifying Primer works so much better for my skin. It helps keep me from getting too oily & I noticed I didn’t break out as much when I was using it. The primer can also be used as a night treatment to help calm & soothe the skin when experiencing breakouts. I would definitely repurchase!
Note: Haut Cosmetics doesn’t include any fillers in their moisturizers & primers so a 3/4 oz jar will last about 4-6 months.
Cost: $59.00 CAD, 22 ml / 3/4 oz
Rating: 5/5


Author: Hazel

Former green beauty blogger Elegantly Eco. Writer, reiki master, singer, artist who loves making a contribution to the positivity of people and the world in general. Now plotting my new adventure in with reiki infused art. Please check out https://radiantreiki.org

4 thoughts on “Product Review: @hautvegan Cosmetics

  1. This is an awesome post! Happy to have found you. I’m a Vancouver Eco blogger 🙂 are you in Vancouver? Tweet me!!! @shesoeco
    Love love love your blog.

  2. oooo lovely review! I keep going on their website and trying to decide whether to just purchase full sizes or samples (seeing as shipping is fairly expensive). Does their bb cream cover at all or is it ultra sheer? Tweet me your response please, I know I’ll forget to check back xo @ecochicbeautyd

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