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Clean Care Event, Sat Dec 7

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Image from: Clean Care

I’m so late at posting this. LOL. But everyone in Toronto knows there was an ice storm on Sat Dec 21 & our house lost heat & power that evening. Our power didn’t get turned back on until Thu Dec 27. So needless to say I’m now way behind on my posting schedule. Anyway, on with the story. Clean Care had an event at Chartreuse Style on Sat Dec 7th that I attended.  You might be wondering, what is Clean Care? Well, Clean Care “is Canada’s only trusted seal of approval for safer beauty & personal care products, and is the leading provider of confidence & peace of mind to shoppers as they make their purchasing decisions.” If you click on their members page you’ll see a list of companies that ahere to Clean Care’s principles.  They are also now partnering with stores to place Clean Care member products in a store. Chartreuse Style is now one of those stores where you can purchase products from Clean Care members. A bit about Chartreuse Style: they are located at 1692 Queen Street West in Toronto & focus on environmentally friendly apparel, shoes & accessories.  You can shop in person at the store or also shop online. Any orders $100 or over will ship for free within Canada & the USA. See their website for more details.

@marienatie display @chartreusestyle #cleancare @cleancareshop

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Here’s a shot of the Clean Care section at Chartreuse Style. You can see some Kynk Naturals, Marie Natie Cosmetics, & Berry Plus products displayed here. I didn’t see any Haut Cosmetics on display, but they are also a clean care member & I have reviewed their products. See that review here. My fave Haut Cosmetics products are their Bio-Mineral foundation & Purifying Primer.

Going to events is always fun. I got to check out Kynk NaturalsMarie Natie Cosmetics, & Berry Plus in person. I bought a Marie Natie lip gloss & also a small bottle of  Berry Plus to try.  I also got to meet Jenise Lee, the founder of Clean Care, who recognized me immediately though we’d never met before. Does my photo really look like me Jenise? LOL. I don’t consider myself photogenic so I hate having my photo taken & rarely post it online for everyone to see. I’d rather be the photographer. Jenise & I chatted briefly. Thanks for the sample by the way! Then I took a quick look around Chartreuse Style. I have to say, it’s a lovely store. The store is bright, spacious & well laid out. There are two change rooms at the back near some shelves displaying shoes & bags.  It’s quite far from my neck of the woods though, so I would probably order from them online rather than coming in person every time. But they do have some of my favourite brands like Echoes in the Attic (Bags), Miik Clothing, Oom Ethikwear, & El Naturalista (shoes).

Resaac bags displayed at @chartreusestyle #cleancare event

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Display of bags, shoes, etc near the change rooms at Chartreuse Style

Alas, I had to leave fairly quickly from the event since I was meeting a friend downtown soon after. But please enjoy these shots from the event. Pictures were taken with permission from Clean Care’s facebook page. To see more shots from the event please click on the link.

cc-makeover     Makeover candidate # 1


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