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Spa Review: @UrbOrganicSpa, January Facial Special

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Note: All images of the spa taken from Urb Organic Spa website.

There aren’t that many organic spas in Toronto. I stumbled across Urb Organic Spa when I was looking for places that carried Antipodes skin care products. It’s a lovely little spa in the Mount Pleasant & Eglinton area & easily accessible by bus in the cold winter months.  I’ve had three facials with them so far & my favourite is now the Microdermabrasion facial with Oxygen. So when Urb has a special price for January I booked my facial as soon as I could. Note: Urb Organic Spa is a women only spa.

urb-waiting area

The process:
After laying down on the spa bed Katrina, my esthetician cleansed & steamed my face, then examined my skin.  After that the Microdermabrasion began.  For those not familiar with Microdermabrasion it can be done with a variety of materials. Urb uses walnut grains.  Using short swiping motions the esthetician gently goes over your face avoiding sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, & lips. It feels slightly abrasive but not unbearably so.  Next up in the January special is the Urb Organic Facial which includes facial, scalp, neck & shoulder massage. This is the ultimate in relaxation.  Katrina has amazing hands & I was soon in a trance-like relaxed space as she massaged my face, head, neck & shoulders.  After the facial & massage is the oxygen treatment.  Pressurized oxygen combined with wrinkle fighting serum is sprayed onto your skin. It feels very cool & soothing.  Now it’s time for the high frequency treatment. The high frequency treatment can feel a little strange to first timers. After slathering your face with a moisturizing cream a gauze face mask is placed over your face & a glass wand is waved over your skin. It feels kind of like a fourth of July sparkler against your skin.  But again, the discomfort is minimal. The high frequency treatment helps to heal your skin & helps skin care products to penetrate deeper into your skin. Katrina then finished up with a little more massaging & then the whole January special spa experience was done.

urb-spa room

The results:
It’s a common misconception that Microdermabrasion has to be harsh & that you’ll emerge with bright red skin after the facial. If it’s done properly that totally isn’t the case.  I’ve had microdermabrasion facials twice at Urb & I’ve never come out looking like I’d gotten a bad burn. Rather, I always come out with softer, significantly smoother, brighter skin. The momentary discomfort of the Microdermabrasion & high frequency treatment is totally worth it. I actually hadn’t realized how dull my skin had gotten until I felt my face afterwards!

I had actually come in recovering from a cold. I called beforehand to make sure it was okay for me to come in despite the cold. The owner of the spa (Mirjana) assured me it was fine. She said the facial would actually help me feel better as it would detoxify me. I’m not sure if it was this facial plus the acupuncture treatment I had afterwards.  But by the next day I felt about so much better compared to before that. That night I also slept very well, which I’m sure was due to the relaxed state the facial put me in. My next microdermabrasion will probably be in May, for my birthday. I would totally recommend this facial to anyone!

urb-product shelves

Microdermabrasion + Urb Organic Facial + Oxygen
Urb Organic Spa, 701 Mt. Pleasant Road,
Cost: $150 CAD for 120 mins


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