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Product Review: @OAuthentique ~ Dead Sea Mud Bar, Olive and Grape Seed Bar



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Dead Sea Mud Bar
Ingredients: Sodium Palmate (saponified palm oil), Sodium castorate (saponified castor oil), Theobroma Cacao (cacao butter), Sodium Olivate (saponified olive oil), water, glycerin, Dead Sea Mud, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus), Metha Piperita (Peppermint)

As I mentioned in my December/January Empties post, I’m not sure if Olive Authentique is still making this bar! That’s why I had to write out the ingredients above.  I can’t find it on their website to link to the ingredients list. Anyhoot, I bought this at the One of a Kind Show in Nov 2013 & it’s on my Best of 2013 list as well. It’s a sweet little soap bar. It lasted me longer than I was expecting & was so moisturizing. My skin felt like velvet when I used it.  As you can see from the picture I took it’s a light beige in colour.  There are also no scrubby bits in this soap bar unlike the Olive & Grapeseed bar (see below).  The scent is so mild you can hardly smell anything. But if I had to describe the smell I would say it’s very clean smelling. I also noticed that while I was using this soap I didn’t get any acne on my neck or back which I’m prone to do. I would repurchase this if it’s still in production!

Cost: Full size, $10.00, 100g
Available at: Olive Authentique
Rating: 5/5

Picture taken by elegantly eco

Olive & Grape Seed Bar
Ingredients for Premium Facial Soap

The ingredients actually haven’t been posted on the website yet but I believe them to be similar to the premium facial soap with the exception that there are some exfoliating ingredients in the bar.  They feel like walnut shell grinds. In any case, if you have sensitive skin I would not recommend you use this soap on your face. I found the bar too abrasive. Without the abrasiveness however, I really liked the bar. It wasn’t as moisturizing or hydrating as the Dead Sea Mud Bar I reviewed above. But it did a good job. This bar would be best for the summer when your skin is feeling a little rough, or if you like a bar that’s a bit more exfoliating. Actually I was just thinking this bar would be good for guys to use especially after playing some type of sport or after doing some construction. Some activity where you get really dirty. LOL. It’s scent is very gender neutral. There’s practically no scent. And it’s moisturizing enough that guys could take care of their skin without appearing to go to much effort. (Most of the guys I know are like that.) I’m not sure if I would repurchase this bar since I liked the Dead Sea Mud Bar better.  But if that’s out of production then I would probably stick to my old fave Ground Soap.

Cost: Full size, $10.00, 100g
Available at: Olive Authentique
Rating: 3/5


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2 thoughts on “Product Review: @OAuthentique ~ Dead Sea Mud Bar, Olive and Grape Seed Bar

  1. Hello,

    My name is Stephen Caron, I work at Olive Authentique. Thanks for the outstanding review. Our Dead sea soap is still in production. We actually sold out and have some curing as we speak.


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