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@labellafigura10 Event at @lovehusk on Sat Feb 22nd

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Image Source: Husk newsletter

On Tuesday February 18th I received an email with this image above. Husk is a lovely little retail store in the heart of Yorkville that focuses on organic & natural skincare. And I think so far it’s the only retail store in Toronto that carries Osmia Organics. I’d heard so much good buzz about La Bella Figura on different blogs so I was excited to go to this event & give their products a try. I emailed Husk to schedule my appointment & was lucky enough to get the first spot with Raman Sekhon of La Bella Figura. First thing Raman did was to ask me about my skin. So I told her I was recovering from an allergic reaction. My skin was dry & peeling. Normally I have combination skin that’s acne prone. After telling her what products I was currently using she decided what Bella Figura products she would use on my skin.

Picture taken by Elegantly Eco of the La Bella Figura table at Husk

Image Source: La Bella Figura

After removing most of my makeup, Raman put the Bio-Active Healing Mask on the cleansed areas of my face to help rehydrate my skin. Some of the key ingredients in this mask are Manuka Honey, Aronia Berry & White Clay. See the full ingredients list here. As most people know, Manuka Honey is great for its nourishing & anti-bacterial properties. Aronia Berry is a powerful anti-oxidant & white clay is a great detoxifier. I looked really funny with the mask on my face! It was as if someone had squished grapes all over my skin I was all purple. But when I washed the mask off after 15 minutes, the texture of my skin felt much smoother & softer than beforehand.

Image Source: La Bella Figura

Next my face was spritzed with the Jardin de Fleurs Skin Revitalizer. Some the key ingredients in the revitalizer are Raw Coconut Water, Hyaluronic Acid, & Jasmine Flower Water. See the full ingredients list here. This skin revitalizer smells gorgeous & is well named. Jardin de fleurs translates to garden of flowers or flower garden.  It’s lovely enough to be used as a perfume! I don’t normally like rose scents but its nicely layered in here with other flower waters so it isn’t overwhelming. Raw Coconut Water is great for hydration & Hyaluronic acid helps your skin absorb this hydration in your connective tissue.

Image Source: La Bella Figura

Afterwards Raman used the Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Barbary Fig Renewal Serum, Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum & the Modern Radiance Concentrate. They all felt amazing on my skin & by the time Raman was done with me my skin felt absolutely fabulous. Normally I don’t like walking around in public without any makeup on but I didn’t mind that day. My skin looked that great. Raman & Husk were kind enough to give me a sample size of the Barbary Fig Seed Oil to take home & try. For myself I purchased the Bio-Active Healing Mask ($60.00 CAD) & the Modern Radiance Concentrate ($155.00 CAD). The Modern Radiance Concentrate is quite expensive but I’ve been using it twice a day since Saturday & my dark spots from past acne blemishes have already lightened considerably. With such great results in such a short time I’m now interested in trying more of La Bella Figura’s products when I finish some of my other skincare items. You can find the whole La Bella Figura product line at Husk at 96 Scollard Street, Toronto. Give their lovely store a visit!

photo (1)
Picture taken by Elegantly Eco. My Husk haul!

Thanks to Raman of La Bella Figura & Husk for putting on this wonderful event!


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