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Product Review: Primavera Calendula Oil

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Image Source: Saffron Rouge

Ingredients list

If you’ve read my review of Eurganic Voluminous Conditioner, you’ll know that I had an allergic reaction and one of the things that really helped to calm my skin down was Primavera’s Calendula Oil. It’s a little pricey. But I was kind of desperate at the time when I bought it. My allergic reaction was getting better but I didn’t like the idea of all the chemicals in my body from the doctor and dermatologist’s prescriptions.  Let me tell you peeps!. This was a life saver and also a sanity saver for me. It’s a light golden colour & I can definitely smell the olive and sunflower oil. But it’s a mild scent and easily absorbed into the skin. Once absorbed the scent is gone.

Let’s talk about the ingredients now. The ingredients list is very short & all of them are certified organic: Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, & Calendula plants. These are all ingredients that are well known for their skin soothing properties. Olive oil was used as a remedy as far back as Ancient Greece & Egypt. The squalene in olive oil is a great skin moisturizer.  Sunflower oil also contains squalene & helps the skin retain moisture as well as providing a protective barrier. And lastly but not least, calendula has long been used as an anti-inflammatory & for healing wounds.

olives  sunflower Calendula_Brown
Olives, Sunflower, Calendula

Let me tell you I felt immediate relief from the itchiness of my allergic reaction as soon as I started using the Calendula Oil. My red, angry skin started turning back to its normal colour. It took a long while, but daily use really helped. In fact, any time I felt itchy I would put some of the oil on my skin to prevent myself from scratching and making it worse. Thank god for this stuff! I don’t use it that much anymore since my reaction is pretty much gone. I also gave half of the bottle to my mom as soon as I tested it on myself to make sure it was safe. At least now I know what to use if I ever have an allergic skin reaction again. Next time I hopefully won’t have to use a bunch of anti-biotics and anti-histamines for a long period of time.

Have you ever had a really bad allergic reaction? What did you use to heal it?

Cost: $24.95 CAD, 100mL/3.4fl.oz
Available at: Saffron Rouge
Rating: 5/5


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