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Product Review: @redapplelipstic

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I’ve been hearing beauty buzz about Red Apple Lipstick in the blogosphere, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. So I did some research and quickly found out that Serenity on the Humber carries these lovely looking vegan lipsticks. I quickly ordered two of the Red Apple Lipstick’s most popular colours: Secrets and Berry Blast. Lisa from Serenity on the Humber was also kind enough to send me samples of Strawberry Lips and Audrey. Thanks Lisa! Note: all images execpt the swatch are from the Red Apple Lipstick website.

@RedAppleLipstic swatches: Audrey, strawberry lips, berry blast & secrets #lipstick

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Swatches: Audrey, Strawberry Lips, Berry Blast and Secrets

ral-secrets2 ral-secrets

Red Apple Lipstick, Secrets
Ingredients list

Let me first talk about Secrets. On the website it looks like a lovely frosted light pink. It ended up looking very different on my lips. I have to confess, it’s not my favourite colour.  It’s pretty bewidlering because when I put it on my lips it ends up looking like a frosty nude. It’s shows all the creases of my lips which make them look dry.  No, definitely not a good colour on me.

Also, even though lots of the reviews tooted its hydrating properties, I actually found it to be more matte on my lips. So maybe I have the Sahara Desert of lips? I don’t know. The ingredients list is mostly clean though there is Tocopheryl Acetate (skin conditioning ingredient made up of acetic acid and tocopherol) which rates a 3 on EWG’s Skin Deep as having a strong possibility for causing an allergic reaction or toxicity. They also mention that this lipstick may contain: Titanium Dioxide, Manganese Violet, Mica, and Iron Oxide, which range from a 1-3 rating with EWG’s Skin Deep. But these are last on the list, so I’m hoping the percentage of these ingredients in the total product isn’t too high. I should also point out that anything from a 1-3 rating on EWG is considered safe. A 3 rating is getting iffy but still manageable. It all depends on your own personal standards. Myself I would rather have every ingredient in a product be a zero or 1 toxicity rating. In an ideal world, that is. Gave this one a lower rating because I didn’t like how the colour looked on me.

Cost: Full size $23.50 USD or $27.00 CAD, 4.5 g / 0.16 oz
Available at: Red Apple Lipstick, Serenity on the Humber
Rating: 3/5

ral-berryb ral-bb

Red Apple Lipstick, Berry Blast
Ingredients list

Berry Blast really suits my skin tone. It’s a shimmery reddish brown on my lips. In my mind it’s more of warm neutral red brown than berry-like. I love to wear it on days when I’m wearing lots of pattern or colour in my clothes. The strange thing is, I found Berry Blast more shimmery and hydrating than Secrets and Strawberry lips. Are they formulated differently? One thing’s for sure, Berry Blast has a subtle shimmer and Strawberry lips is more matte. Secrets was way too shimmery on my lips.

Cost: Full size $23.50 USD or $27.00 CAD, 4.5 g / 0.16 oz
Available at: Red Apple Lipstick, Serenity on the Humber
Rating: 4/5

ral-stlips2 ral-stlips

Red Apple Lipstick, Strawberry Lips (sample)
Ingredients list

I found the colour of Strawberry Lips is quite close to Berry Blast. Obviously, it has more red in its pigment than brown. It’s also more matte than Berry Blast. In colour it makes me think of ripe strawberries. So far, this is my fave colour amongst the lipsticks and samples I got from Serenity on the Humber.

Cost: sample size $3.50 USD
Available at: Red Apple Lipstick, Serenity on the Humber
Rating: 4/5


Red Apple Lipstick, Audrey (sample)
Ingredients list

Audrey is a matte, soft rosy pink on my lips. I had to do a double take when I first put it on. I usually wear bolder colours so Audrey is more subtle than what I normally use. It wears well as a lipstick. I don’t have to reapply too often unless I’m munching on some food aggressively. J It’s also nicely hydrating to my lips as the other RAL lipsticks are. I’m debating whether to purchase a full size of Audrey or try some different colours. At any rate this is a great colour that would suit a lot of skintypes!

Cost: sample size $3.50 USD
Available at: Red Apple Lipstick, Serenity on the Humber
Rating: 4/5

Overall impression:
For some reason the full sized lipsticks seem more moisturizing than the samples. Maybe because they are in a larger format and made fresher? I’m not quite sure. But I think I might try their lip glosses if they are available in Canada. If the website is any indication, they have a great range of colours. The tricky part will be seeing what I can get in Toronto. It seems that while there’s a lot of buzz about them, they aren’t that well known yet. At least, not as well known as Vapour Beauty, or Ilia. I’m looking forward to trying different lipstick colours from Red Apple Lipstick!

Have you ever tried Red Apple Lipstick? What are your favourite colours?


Author: Hazel

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  1. Yes, I do use RAL; and am a huge fan! I can’t wait to get my order of Audrey. I appreciate your candor in your review. Everybody does react differently to different products. I want to add that the mineral based ingredients are the highest quality and they only use ones that have been tested and declared free of toxic pollutants like mercury.

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