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DIY Curly Hair Gel, Light hold

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I got this recipe for curl conditioning serum from the Minimalist Beauty blog. I’ve also seen it posted in various curly hair forums.  I’m not sure why it’s called a curl conditioning serum.  To me it seems more like a gel with light hold for those with curly hair. People with straight hair, this gel might be too greasy for you. Us curlies need more moisture in our hair. I have 2c or 3a hair type just to give you an idea. Guys with curly hair could use this as well. The great thing about this gel is that all of the ingredients are easily obtainable if you don’t already have them in your kitchen.  Plus, its super easy & super cheap to make. A little goes a long way. The first time I made this gel I used the recipe straight & it lasted me about a week & a half.  This second time I made this gel I doubled the coconut oil since I have dry scalp. You can play with the quantities & tweak it to what’s suitable for your hair/scalp. Have fun!

DIY-curly hair gel-pic1
My Curly Hair Gel, second batch. It looks so pale because I doubled the coconut oil to counteract my dry scalp.

DIY Curly Hair Gel – Light hold

1 – jar (plastic or glass)

1 tsp – vegetable glycerin

½ tsp – agave

1 tsp – coconut oil

3 tbsp – aloe vera

DIY-curly hair gel-pic2
Here’s how the curly hair gel looks in my hand. Hmmm, needs more whisking?

Put all ingredients in a bowl for mixing. I like to whip the mixture using a hand whisk until all the lumps are beaten out of the coconut oil. I didn’t melt it before mixing as it will re-solidify in cool temperatures & get lumpy again. Once everything is mixed to your liking use a spatula to transfer the prepared gel to your jar. The original instructions say to refrigerate this gel in between use but I didn’t bother to do this. Perhaps if you live in a really warm, humid climate this might be necessary to prevent spoilage. But I live in Toronto & the gel was perfectly fine until I used it all up. No funny smells, no funny textures. Give it a go & let me know what you think!


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