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Green Living Show Haul 2014

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I wanted to go through my impressions & what I ended up buying at the Green Living Show (GLS) this past Friday (April 25th). Friday was school trip day so there were lots of kids (tweens & teens) running around the show. It’s good to see the kids of today going to a show like this. Of course this meant that certain booths were mobbed & I couldn’t get to them. LOL. Here were the booths I did get to peruse. See the instagram pics for what I actually bought.

Karira HomeBooth #3218
Got a lovely sage coloured bamboo bed sheet set here for a great price. GLS price was $80.00 CAD. See instagram pic above for photo.

Clean Care
– Booth #2029
Clean Care’s mission is to promote beauty products that are non-toxic. Founder Jenise Lee was there with her mom & I got the chance to chat with them for a bit.

LNBF – Winmark Fashions IncBooth #2026
Their booth was right across from Clean Care’s booth so I went there immediately after talking to Jenise. Scored a pair of bamboo jeggings (jean leggings) for $25 CAD, an amazing price! Regular price was $79.00. Next time they’re at a show I’ll buy more things!

Chartreuse Style
Booth #2027
I was hoping to get some of their Mela cardigans but I didn’t see any there. Will have to make the trek to the store down on Queen West.


JayDancin – Booth # not listed on GLS site
Repurchased their Deep Relief, which really works to relieve headaches naturally. Also love their Coco Loco natural sunscreen which I also repurchased. Then just for the heck of it, I bought a lip balm to try as well. They’re an Environmental Defence Eco Beauty Market regular.

Logan & Finley Inc
– Booth #2913
Logan & Finley is a retail store on Queen West that is one of my fave stores. Check out my interview with Julie, the founder/owner of the store here! It was so nice to see Julie again. I bought some Crawford Street hand cream & scrub there, which comes with a free lip balm. When it comes to hand cream & lip balm I’m like a magpie. I love to try all different kinds. Still searching for my HG lip balm & handcream.

Niko CosmeticsBooth #2426
This is the first I’d heard of this company. But I read the ingredients on their cleanser, toner & cream & no alarm bells rang. So I bought the travel kit to try. The GLS price was $39.00 CAD whereas regular price is $45.00 CAD. They also make foundation & concealer. Check out their website for the other products they make.

Daiya Foods IncBooth #1239
Being lactose intollerant, the first time I tried Daiya foods I was so happy. Finally, fake cheese that tastes like real cheese! Well at least to me it tastes as close as possible to real cheese.  I tried some samples of their new pizza’s. I’m going to try to find them at my local supermarket. They were yummy!

Weir’s Lane Lavender and Apiary Booth #2909
This is a small family run business just outside of Hamilton, ON. I bought a small vial of English Lavender essential oil to try. Hmmm, smells so good!

Pure+Simple BeautyBooth #812
Stopped by this booth as this line of Toronto based natural skin care is one of my faves. Was hoping they had some of the Holistic Vanity Extra Care line for me to look at but alas they didn’t. On the plus side, I filled out a ballot for an Ageless Essentials kit & was notified recently that I won! This kit will go to my mom. She’s retired & can’t always afford to try new skincare lines.

These booths below I just walked by because they were either busy or the representative wasn’t around:

Environmental DefenceBooth # 1033

Fatal Light Awarness ProgramBooth #1429
Busy talking to teens. Nice to see that.

Fashion Takes ActionBooth #1833

Healthy PlanetBooth #617
Busy. Nothing special on the display tables. I can buy their products online.

Well.caBooth #611
Busy. Nothing much on their tables. A good online store.

Bio Seaweed GelBooth #2226
Mobbed by tweens!

ChocoSolBooth #2838
Mobbed by other chocoholics besides me!

ShaSha Company Booth #2639
Mobbed by bread & cookie lovers.

Dormio Organic BedsBooth #2817
Walked by this booth & no one was around to talk to. Didn’t stop to wait. Kept going.

Freedom Clothing CollectiveBooth #2033
Some how I missed this booth!

Oneka ElementsBooth #2227A
Missed this booth too!

Compared to the One of a Kind Show (OOAK) the GLS show is kinda small. Also, why were there no signs with booth numbers up?! I was wandering around thinking, am I missing something? Where are the booth numbers? That was a nuisance if you ask me. Why have booth numbers listed on the website & in the pamphlet if you’re not going to display them? Anyhoot, the nice thing about the GLS is that most exhibitors were offering promo prices on their products so you can score some deals. Exhibitors at the OOAK don’t always have promo prices. So you might end up spending more due to that & the fact that they have way more exhibitors. Also I wished some of the more interesting speakers were earlier in the day & not at 5pm or later. But I have to say, I was feeling the love at GLS. Everyone was really nice & I actually won a Power Plants book by tweeting a picture of myself beside the groovy yurt. Thanks GLS!


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