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The Best Natural Deodorants

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As so many of you know, conventional deodorant and antiperspirants are not healthy for us. Why? Deodorant’s like Old Spice for Men and Dove Antiperspirant for Women are full of ingredients that are either harmful to your health or to the environment. Those of us who’ve decided to go non-toxic often have to test a lot of deodorants to find ones that work for our particular body chemistry. I know I’ve tried lots that others have praised to the moon but haven’t worked out for me. So here are some deodorants that did work for me.


Carina Organics, Botanical Therapeutic, Liquid Crystal Deodorant – review
This deodorant did pretty well for me. It dries quickly and lasts about a day and a half for me. I think it would work better in a roll-on though.

Cost: $8.99 CAD, 120 ml / 4.0 oz
Available at: Well.ca
Rating: 4/5


Batty’s Bath, Deodorant in Unscented – review
This natural deodorant also works really well for me. It’s in a solid format which is convenient to use and put on compared to using a spray. It also comes in many different scents. I bought this deodorant in Man Musk for my dad and Unscented for my mom. Batty only makes limited batches of this deodorant so best to stock up when you can! My only complaint about this deodorant is that it can take a while to absorb into my skin so I have to wait for it to melt before I put my shirt on. Otherwise, I’m afraid I might get white stains on my clothes.

Cost: $15.00 CAD, 118g / 4 oz
Available at: Batty’s Bath
Rating: 4/5


Dr. Mist, Unscented – review 
Dr. Mist was one of the first natural deodorants I tried that worked for me. I was extremely glad to find it worked. Like the Botanical Therapeutic deodorant it comes in spray format which I find wastes more product than I’m able to apply. So I used to transfer it to an empty glass roll on container I’d previously used up the contents for.

Cost: $8.79 CAD, 50 ml
Available at: Well.ca, The Big Carrot, Ambrosia Natural Foods, and most Rexall Pharma Plus locations.
Rating: 4/5


Leaves of Trees, Eucalyptus Mint – review
This deodorant is made with baking soda, which can irritate my armpits if I used it every day. But it is really effective at keeping me fresh smelling all day long and into the next day. If you’re no allergic to baking soda this could be a godsend for you. Plus it’s made right here in my city! I love that!

Cost: $15.00 CAD, 37 ml
Available at: Leaves of Trees, Fresh Faced, list of stockists here,
Rating: 4/5


Author: Hazel

Unrepentant blogger of eco beauty, fashion and info living in Toronto, Canada. Blogging and reviews about eco-friendly organic brands, beauty, fashion, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, body care, DIY recipes, home, wellness, and lifestyle products that are available in Canada.

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