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Spotlight on: Sarah D’Alessio, N.D of @whiteapothecary and Discount Code

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Note: Logo images are from the White Apothecary website.

I first heard about White Apothecary on Twitter. Yes, I’m a twitter addict! As soon as I realized they are a Canadian business, plus the founder is naturopathic doctor Sarah D’Alessio, N.D, I was intrigued. I visited their website and looked at their brands list. Bingo! They carry some brands that I love plus ones I’d never heard of before. Not long ago I ordered and received some products from them. I was really pleased to receive them so promptly. I asked if Sarah would allow me to interview her for my blog and she agreed. Here is the interview below. I hope you enjoy a peek behind the scenes of an organic /natural e-store and insight into the mind of a naturopathic doctor!

     How did you decide which brands to carry on your website?

     When deciding on which brands to carry, a few factors come into play. Firstly, I make sure that all the ingredients are considered non-toxic, especially with topical use. I also seek out products that may be difficult to acquire from here in Canada or the USA. I feel that having a good selection of products is important as well.

     What products from the site do you personally use?

     I personally have a LONG list of products that I absolutely love, but the ones I use on a regular basis include:


  • SukiColor Active Tinted Moisturizer in ‘Porcelain’– It is extremely light-weight and has a nice light-medium coverage.
  • Sappho Liquid Foundation in ‘Rachel’ – It provides more of a medium to heavy coverage that glides beautifully on the skin. It is extremely breathable as well.
  • Lily Lolo Flawless Matte Finishing Powder – I just give a light dusting to my complexion when I want to freshen and mattify it.
  • Sappho’s Pressed Blush in ‘Emma’s Blush’ – It’s the perfect shade of pink for a beautiful and subtle rosy cheek.
  • RGB Nail Polish in ‘Oxblood’. This is seriously my MOST favorite colour to use on my nails. I have always loved a classic red nail, and this shade is a perfect take on the red nail for autumn and winter. Love it!
  • LippyGirl ShaZam Lip Shimmer – Everytime, all the time. J. I usually do a more subtle and natural lip on a daily basis, so this just gives the perfect amount of sheen and shine. And as a bonus, you can use it as a cream highlighter anywhere on your face as well. It’s completely hydrating as well.
  • Lily Lolo Eyeliner in Black – I love a good quality, plain black pencil liner.


  • Antipodes Grace Cream Cleanser – A super mild cleanser and makeup remover. It doesn’t strip my skin at all, and it just feels so hydrating. I usually use it upon waking in the morning.
  • Black Chicken Remedies ‘Cleanse My Face Cleanser – an oil-based cleanser that feels absolutely heavenly when using. The essential oils are uplifting, and again, skin feels completely nourished and not stripped. I usually use this one in my evening skin routine.
  • Konjac Sponge Company Facial Sponge in French Red Clay – I use this sponge for gentle exfoliation. I tend to have a more sensitive skin type, so this provides the perfect amount of light scrubbing.
  • Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream – A light and gentle formula, yet hydrating enough to last the whole day
  • Kari Gran Essential Serum – What a treat it is to use this serum. I tend to use it in my evening skincare routine, and I just love the use of oil-based skincare systems.
  • Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths – I love the scent and they are great for just a refreshing light cleanse and makeup removal.
  • Kari Gran Lip Whip in ‘Cinnamon Pimenta Berry’ – I love this hydrating lip balm. Perfect for nourishing the lips before bed, or anytime of course!
  • Schmidts Deodorant in Bergamot and Lime – a new product line coming soon to White Apothecary! It’s a fantastic and all-natural deodorant that keeps me feeling comfortable all day.
  • Bkr Water Bottle in ‘Cupcake’ – I make sure to keep hydrated ALL.THE.TIME. J

     Why did you feel you needed to start an online organic /natural e-store?

I felt I needed to start something different, as I really was not satisfied with the selection of products I was finding in stores. I was noticing that it was really only select health food stores and specialty boutiques that actually sold products that I felt comfortable using on my skin. I wanted to provide fellow health-conscious shoppers with a safe and informative place to shop, and most importantly, provide awareness and inspiration from some of the most pure and luxurious products and companies from around the globe.


     Do you think people are becoming more aware of the toxic ingredients in beauty products?

     I definitely think people are becoming much more aware of toxic ingredients and the negative impact they can have on one’s health. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I always try to help empower my patients in choosing toxin-free products, as the plethora of toxic additives, preservatives and fillers can have quite detrimental effects on various systems in our bodies, including our nervous and endocrine (hormonal) systems. From what I can see, when people become aware and begin to learn about the potential effects of toxic ingredients, or even experience the change in their bodies when they eliminate toxic-laden products, they make permanent changes in becoming more proactive in choosing what’s best for their bodies and well-being. Feeling empowered to make positive changes should be part of everyone’s personal journey to health.

     What one ingredient or product would you never, ever use and why?

    That’s a tough one. There are so many products out there that contain varying amounts of my “Top Ten” Toxic Ingredients, so it’s hard to choose just one product. But as for an ingredient, currently I’ve been doing a lot of research and I would have to say Triclosan (used as a potent anti-microbial agent and preservative) is high up on my avoidance list. Current research has shown not only can it seriously interfere with hormonal function, but it also accumulates in the environment around us. This has the potential to be extremely dangerous, as substances that get into our water, soil and land, have the indirect ability to affect our minds and bodies, not just by purely using it in our skincare and cosmetic products.

I would have to say that when choosing products, and which to use or avoid, a general question to ask yourself is, “how long will this product be applied for, and will it be fully absorbed into my skin?”. Basically meaning, is the product you’re using something like a cleanser that will be washed off within a few minutes? Or is the product a lotion, crème or makeup product that will be applied and left to absorb over a long period of time? Substances that are left on to absorb and are meant to stay on throughout the day or night, are absorbed more readily than products that are washed or taken off our skin within a few minutes of using (which don’t necessarily always get absorbed to the same degree). Choosing safe products with that in mind is always a good habit to get into.

     What message do you hope people will get from White Apothecary and its blog?

     As a Naturopathic Doctor and lover of all things cosmetic, I feel a passion to share any and all the information that I have about how to better one’s health, both physically as well as mentally and emotionally. It is extremely important that both women and men feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, and feeling fabulous while being empowered to make the right choices when it comes to choosing health and beauty products has been my mission for quite a long time. Using basic elements of good health which include: a proper whole foods diet, exercise, proper water consumption and good sleep hygiene, can all help someone achieve their goal of health and beauty, and my blog and online store is a great addition and vehicle for that.

My thanks to Sarah D’Alessio, N.D. for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions. If you are looking for a naturopathic doctor in Richmond Hill or Newmarket, you can contact Sarah and her colleagues at their practices here: Persona Care in Richmond Hill,  and Newmarket Naturopath.  Check out Sarah’s fascinating personal website: Kaledon Place Naturopathy. Now log on to White Apothecary and take a look at the brands list! My fave brands are Antipodes, Lippy Girl and I just got myself a snazzy new bkr bottle!

Get 15% off any purchase at White Apothecary from now until December 6th with the code: ELEGANTLYECO15.


Author: Hazel

Former green beauty blogger Elegantly Eco. Writer, reiki master, singer, artist who loves making a contribution to the positivity of people and the world in general. Now plotting my new adventure in with reiki infused art. Please check out https://radiantreiki.org

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