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Free Thought Fridays: Meditation for Health

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I did the meditation challenge on NMDL in November but missed the H. Gillerman Giveaway deadline by two days. Oh well, the meditation challenge did serve its purpose. I meditated every day for about 28 days. I did a standing meditation while getting ready in the mornings. How did meditating every day affect me? Well it was really nice to start the day off with grounding myself. It helps to set a tone of calmness and positivity for the day. It was also helpful in waking up my mind. I tend to wake up slowly in the morning so meditating helps me to clear away the fuzziness of sleep and get my mind’s gears going. For me it has the same effect as coffee. Meditation jumpstarts my brain into coherent thought after a night spent dreaming.

Right after meditating, I like to do my affirmations. In my mind, the perfect time to do affirmations is right after a meditation. Why? That’s because your mind is already calm and open to possibility. Also affirmations can be a way to remind yourself of what’s most important in your life or to remind yourself of a goal. There are several health benefits to meditating. Check out the infographic below.


I still meditate almost every morning. I find that the days when I don’t meditate I don’t feel as great. It could be all in my mind, but since meditation is a good habit and has a great effect on me, I don’t think it matters. Did you know that besides sitting meditation there is also standing meditation and walking meditation? Check out the Institute for Applied Meditation’s article on the different types for more info.

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Have you ever tried meditation? What do you think of it?


Author: Hazel

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