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Free Thought Fridays: Animals in the Circus


Source – Monkey Training for a Circus by Chinese photographer Yongzhi Chu. This picture shows a monkey being trained for circus in Suzhou, Anhui Province. The town is considered the home of the Chinese circus with more than 300 troupes

Sometimes I think I should’ve become a vet or maybe in my past life I worked with animals. Seems like a funny thing to say but I don’t know how else to explain my deep and abiding love and respect for animals. These days the animals of the world need every advocate they can get. We’re pushing too many of them to the brink of extinction with the outdated ways of thinking that remain alive today. Animals in the circus is one example of outmoded thinking that has remained. This is not a life I would wish on anyone, much less an animal that belongs in the wild. There are still circuses in the USA and Europe that use animals. Elephants, tigers, lions, bears, chimps, and horses are often “disciplined” in order to be trained. This means being tied up all hours of the day except when “performing” as well as being beaten or whipped until they comply due to exhaustion. When animals in the circus travel they are forced to endure cramped conditions without adequate food, water, or space to move. They are chained up in large trailers and expected to endure transportation without complaint. The photo above clearly shows how terrified this monkey is of being whipped by the man towering above him. It makes me cry to see this picture and to think of all the animals abused in the circus. It just breaks my heart to see any animal mistreated. It’s especially galling when you think of how their wild cousins are allowed to roam freely without the threat of whips and chains. Sure, life in the wild has its risks. Elephants are poached, lions and tigers are shot dead by trophy hunters. But at least they have the chance to live wild and are allowed to exhibit their natural instincts and behaviours. What really bugs me is that some people still think it’s amusing or “entertaining” to see animals perform tricks. If they really knew how the animals were being treated would they feel the same? Food for thought: if you wouldn’t like being chained up, whipped until you do a “trick”, or caged in a box without food or water for hours, what makes you think a wild animal would like it?

Source – How elephants were transported in the 1930’s

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Author: Hazel

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2 thoughts on “Free Thought Fridays: Animals in the Circus

  1. The fear on that monkey’s face 😦 Humans are the worst animals for so many reasons.

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