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Eco home: Sleeptek Natural Rubber Pillows

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I love a good pillow. For me it’s essential to getting a good night’s sleep. Conventional pillows are filled with synthetic fill that are usually treated with chemicals such as flame retardants. You know that plastic-like, newness smell some people love so much? That’s the smell of carcinogenic chemicals. I always used to get a headache when I got a new pillow with synthetic fill. I had no idea back then that it was the chemicals in the fill that were giving me monster headaches. Since I’ve switched over to natural / eco-friendly pillows I haven’t had that problem. No need to air out the pillow for days and days before using it anymore.

Recently I bought two natural rubber pillows from Grassroots, one of my favourite online and retail stores. I bought the Sleeptek Natural Shredded Rubber Pillow in travel (or kid) size and the Sleeptek Natural Rubber Contour Pillow. The travel pillow was bought for my husband, though he let me try it out before I bought the contour pillow. I have to say, I’m impressed with both pillows so far. The travel pillow is the perfect size to use in the bed between the knees for some added support, or for the airplane. It’s encased in an organic cotton cover and filled with shredded natural rubber. The contour pillow is great for supporting the neck. The loft is adjustable by removing some of the shredded rubber. Just a warning though: make sure that you empty the pillow somewhere easy to clean, like the bathroom. The shredded rubber reminds me of dandelion seeds, easy to blow away and they can get everywhere. I had bits sticking to my clothes and hands when I transferred some of the rubber into the plastic bag that the pillow came in. If you have children or pets you want to make sure they don’t ingest any of that rubber by accident. Other than that small inconvenience, I am sleeping very well on my contour pillow and hubby loves the travel sized pillow for knee support. Both pillows come in organic cotton covers that can be washed and the shredded rubber core can also be washed in cold water then hung to dry on a breathable drying rack. Both pillows come with a three year warranty. The travel pillow was on sale when I bought it at $50.00 CAD and I received 10% off the contour pillow since I have a Live Green Toronto card.

“Why rubber? Natural rubber is hypoallergenic, absorbent and resilient, and known for its excellent heat and moisture regulation. The rubber is harvested by tapping the milk of the common rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), which contains an antibacterial substance that acts as a natural dust-mite repellent. The rubber is also a renewable resource that is sustainably harvested.” Grassroots

-no more headaches from chemically filled pillows
-sustainably harvested rubber
-no need to air out immediately
-dust mite repellent
-adjustable loft

-can be messy to empty the pillow if you want a softer support
-can be pricey

Cost: Natural Rubber Contour Pillow $179.99 CAD, Shredded Rubber Travel Pillow $62.99 CAD
Available at: Grassroots
Rating: 5/5

To read more about off-gassing or eco home items, check out my review on Organic Cotton Sheets and the Natura Firm Top Mattress my hubby and I bought.


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