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The @yogaconference 2015

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This past Saturday I went to the Yoga Conference with a friend to do a class on The Energy Body and Dragon Dance (see description below). It was my first time to attend the conference and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. I didn’t know anything about the Dragon Dance and some parts were quite challenging for me. But at the end I felt exhilarated, relaxed and peaceful. I slept really well that night. I just wanted to share with everyone how much fun the class was and some of the booths I visited.


The Energy Body & The Dragon Dance
Instructor: Bernie Clark

In this class we will dance with the dragon to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the whole body and remove any granthis, which are impediments to that flow. There are many different ways to model the flow of energy through our body: there is the Indian yogic map, the Chinese Daoist map and there are the continually developing Western medical maps. In our dance we will briefly touch on each map to see which one you may resonate with most deeply. This class is not intended to focus on theory, however, but on the experience of energy.

Toronto AcuBirthing
A shout out to my acupuncturist JoAnn Alafriz who was at the Toronto AcuBirthing booth. She’s amazing! If you need acupuncture, shiatsu, craniosacral, Tui-na therapy please see her website for more information.

Bee Keeper’s Naturals

I bought the propolis spray from these guys who were right next to Giddy Yo Yo. My friend bought a jar of raw honey from them as well. Carly and I had a very interesting conversation about yoga, reiki and bees. We’re going to do a little experiment with the bees to see how they respond. So stay tuned for updates on that in the future! Daniel, Carly, it was a pleasure to meet you. Your passion for the bees was palpable and profound. Most people don’t realize how valuable bees are to pollinating our plants and how effective they are at doing it. We need to make sure that the bees do not continue dying off at the rates they are.

Giddy Yo Yo

I had a sample of their raw chaga tea just before the class and it was really great! I’ll have to buy a bag soon!

Healthy Planet

Bought a Pure Hydration bottle from here that has a tea strainer & ice cube blocker with it. I like this bottle because I can also use it for infusing fruit! I’ve been drinking lots of lemon water lately and it would be nice to add in some other flavours.

Joyous Health

I have to give a shout out to Joy McCarthy whom I met at her booth at the show. Joy has some great health and nutrition tips. I have her book and it’s a great reference book to have around. When I love things I just have to spread the word around!

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

I have their hemp hearts and love love love them!

As you can see I didn’t buy much at the Yoga Conference. But I’ll be coming back next year for sure. I want do another class!


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