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Spotlight on: Flowers to Fragrance @f2fragrance

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Note: Logo and farm images are from the Flowers to Fragrance website.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Morris of Flowers to Fragrance at the Green Living Show this year when I bought their lavender cleanser. He told me how he came from a family of farmers from Manitoba and about their passion for growing lavender (among other plants). Since they are a small company and wanted to get their name out to the green blogger community, I asked Nick if I could interview him. He happily agreed and I hope you all enjoy this interview. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live and work on a farm such as this!

Introduction to company:

Flowers to Fragrance is a fully functional farm and natural beauty shop run by the Morris family. They grow 20 different varieties of lavender as well as other medicinal and aromatic plants for essential oil. Aubrey and Shirley Morris have been growing lavender for nearly 9 years in Ontario, Canada. You can read more about their inspiring story here.

    Did the prospect of moving the farm from Manitoba to Ontario ever seem too daunting a task to complete?

    Yes it was daunting. As well as moving personal belongings we also had to dig up hundreds of plants, some lavender that had survived the Manitoba winters but a lot of Bee Balm. The Bee Balm essential oil is high in geraniol and is sought after by perfumers. We made many journeys to and from the two Provinces in vehicles packed with plants, pretty funny when I think of it now.

    I think it was very clever of you to match the right plant to the right growing conditions, even though that probably took more time, effort and money. How long did it take to find the right plants for each part of your land?

    We didn’t always get it right. We lost hundreds of plants during the first winter/spring. It’s a nail-biting time during early spring when fluctuating temperatures can cause much damage to lavender.

    Was it always your aim to open up a natural beauty shop? Or did that idea evolve over time?

    After extracting essential oil from the plants it seemed a natural development to be able to share these wonderful oils in products we now sell. It was a chance meeting with aromatherapist Jan Benham that put us on the path of completely natural skin care.

    What one ingredient or product would you never, ever use and why?

    Anything that is artificial.

    What kind of image or message do you want Flowers to Fragrance to evoke in people?

    People should know where their products come from. Our customers have the opportunity to experience a working essential oil farm in Ontario. They can see the actual plants that make our products smell the way they do…fresh and fragrant.

    What are your upcoming plans for Flowers to Fragrance?

    Well we’re back in Toronto for the Total Health Show on the 17th of April. We’re working hard to bring the essence of the farm to the city. Our goal is to make our high quality skin care line accessible to Toronto and the rest of Canada.

My thanks to Nick for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions. I’m currently testing out their lavender cleansing lotion and really enjoying it! There you have it folks! Now get yourself on the Flowers to Fragrance to peruse their lovely products and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! If you live in Ontario, you can tour their farm in person!


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