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Well I seem to be a glutton for events lately. The Green Living Show, Yoga Conference and Total Health Show were all within the past two months. I’m on this real health kick and I want to make it last this time. So I’m getting myself healthy foods.

Giddy Yo Yo, Raw Chaga

Wow these guys are everywhere. I tried their chaga tea at the Yoga Conference before my class and I’m not sure if it was the chaga but I was supercharged for that class. So when I heard they were going to be at the Total Health Show I had to buy a bag of their chaga to see what health benefits regular use would get me. Chaga is a medicinal mushroom with some impressive health benefits. See list below taken from the Giddy Yo Yo website.

Ingesting GY CHAGA tea and/or GY CHAGA EXTRACT may:

  • Protecting cell components against free radicals and DNA degradation.
  • Increase longevity by slowing the aging process.
  • Improve the blood.
  • Nourish skin and hair through its melanin compounds.
  • Improve digestion, relieving digestive distress and Candida.
  • Treat chronic fatigue syndrome, flu, and HIV.
  • Inhibit cell mutations associated with Cancer.
  • Fight cancerous tumors, especially in mammary glands and sex organs.
  • Combat hepatitis, ulcers, diabetes, and gastritis.
  • Fight inflammation and inflammatory disease such as Shingles.
  • Knock out the common cold and fighting viruses.
  • Detoxify the liver.

Sun Life, Goji berries

Bought some goji berries at this booth which are practically organic but not certified. The certified organic goji berries were in a much larger bag so I got the smaller one.

Genuine Health, Greens + Whole Body Nutrition from the Healthy Planet booth

I’ve read how great fermented foods are for your digestion and overall health. But I’m just not fond of kimchi or kombucha. So the fermented greens from Genuine Health will be something interesting to try. Of course I will update you and let you know if it works for me, so stay tuned!

Chocosol Traders, Coffee Crunch and Jaguar Swirl

I got the last whole bar of the Coffee Crunch which is delicious. The Jaguar Swirl is really great too. Chocosol makes artisanal organic and free trade chocolate that is made using eco-friendly power. I love their ethics and the reciprocal trade relationship with the farmers of the cacao beans. You can read more about them on their About Us page.

LNBF Clothing

(Not pictured) I also bought a cardigan and some socks at the LNBF booth. Will be posting separate reviews and pictures on these soon!


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