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Spots begone! @battysbath Cystic Acne Mask

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Ingredients: Aloe, seaweed powder, chamomile oil, clay, honey, geranium oil, tea tree oil, echinacea extract, burdock root extract, marshmallow root extract, green tea extract, honey suckle extract, vitamin E, vitamin C, alkyl acrylate, radish root ferment filtrate.

This is a wonderful mask for those with acne problems. Though it’s targeted towards those with cystic acne, it also works for me as a spot treatment on my smaller blemishes. When I do get those really big blemishes it helps to shrink them very quickly without overly drying out my skin. The mask is an almost clear, gel-like consistency. It smells mildly of tea tree but once you wash it off your face the smell is gone. I like to use this mask at night as a spot treatment, after I’ve removed all my makeup, cleansed and toned my skin. If I use it all over my face, then my skin will get dry if I leave it on too long. So be aware of this when you use this product. As for the ingredients what can I say? Tea tree and geranium oil are both anti-bacterial and anti-septic. There are also some great anti-oxidants in here with the Vitamin C and green tea. Chamomile, aloe, honey, and Vitamin E provide the skin nourishing properties. Seaweed powder and clay are also detoxifiers. The only thing I’m kind of iffy about is the alkyl acrylate which in my research is a thickener. Not sure this ingredient is completely necessary. Gladly the alkyl acrylate is the second last ingredient so the concentration should be between 1-3% of the product. I’ve sent a message to Batty’s Bath and am waiting a response.

I would repurchase this mask because I love that it’s clear. I could even wear it under my makeup if I wanted to but choose not to. I prefer to use my acne treatments in the evening. But for those who have really bad acne, if your make up products are not so clean this would help prevent and treat breakouts. I would recommend however, that you take a look at everything you put on your skin if you have really bad acne. What you eat also contributes to the condition of your skin. Since I started eating cleaner my skin has really improved in texture and luminosity.

Cost: $19.00 CAD, 60 g / 2 oz
Available at: Batty’s Bath
Rating: 4/5

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Author: Hazel

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