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March / April: Empties

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Bodhi & Birch, Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy – No Review

This was one of the items I received from Katie Vibes for the previous Green Beauty Swap. This bath/shower gel smells like a dream. I love the scent. It is very strong however. The scent still lingers even after the gel is washed off. So it’s probably not appropriate for those who are scent sensitive. But wow, do I really love the smell. I’ve got to see if I can get this here in Canada.

Cost: $20.00 GBP, 200 ml / 1 oz
Available at: Bodhi & Birch, Naturismo
Rating: 4/5

Heritage Store, Rosewater – No review

I’m not fond of the scent of roses when it’s not the actual plant. I found the scent of this rosewater a bit strong. But that makes sense since it was made using rose essential oil. Using it, I did find that it was hydrating to the skin and hair. But it didn’t add enough benefits for the use and cost even though it’s relatively inexpensive. So I won’t be repurchasing this.

Cost: $9.49 CAD, 237 ml / 8 oz
Available at: Heritage Store, Amazon.ca, Ambrosia Natural Foods
Rating: 3/5

Marie Veronique, Oil du Jour Vegan (sample) Review

I really enjoyed using this oil. There are lots of powerhouse ingredients in this oil, which accounts for its price. My skin loved this oil and soaked it up like a sponge! It also helped to reduce inflammation and contains some sun protection in the form of raspberry seed oil. I would definitely repurchase this oil. In fact, I’m thinking this might become one of the staples in my skincare routine!

Cost: $90.00 USD, 60 ml / 2 oz
Available at: Marie VeroniqueLilou Organics
Rating: 5/5

Batty’s Bath, Facial Primer & Detox Daily Moisturizer Review

Even though it feels like the summer will soon be upon us, I miss the creamy moisture of this facial primer. I finished it off in March and I’m going to repurchase it soon, along with some other items I love from Batty’s Bath!

Cost: $12.00 CAD, 60 g / 2 oz
Available at: Batty’s Bath
Rating: 4/5

Living Libations, Underarm Charm Review

This deodorant is tiny but packs a punch. It really does work with just one swipe, as instructed on the bottle. I’m currently undecided if I want to repurchase it however. The idea of destroying a sandalwood tree just to make essential oil doesn’t sit well with me even though it’s from an ethical farm and sustainably harvested. Sandalwood is a parasitic tree. From what I’ve read the only way to harvest it is to remove the entire tree from its host. Read more about sandalwood here. It might sound silly to some, but it seems a bit of a waste to let a tree grow for 30 years and then have to destroy it to get the essential oil. The flower child in me gets sad at the idea of killing such a beautiful tree.

Cost: $25.00 CAD, 5 ml / 0.17 oz
Available at: Living LibationsHealth Hut
Rating: 4/5

Pure Anada, Brow Powder in Cliff Review

I’ve repurchased this brow powder at least twice now. A little tiny 1 gram pot lasts forever! I’m so used to it now that I’m afraid to try anything else! Anyway, this is one of the staples in my makeup bag. It’s good, it’s cheap, it’s Canadian and it travels well too. What’s not to love? A definite repurchase.

Cost: $8.00 CAD, 1 g / 0.03 oz
Available at: The Pure BoutiqueWell.ca, The Big Carrot
Rating: 5/5

Jason, Powersmile Toothpaste – No review

This is one of the easiest toothpastes to find even in ordinary supermarkets that don’t carry most natural foods or products. I used this for the longest time but decided to try a different toothpaste recently (Earthpaste). I’m currently liking Earthpaste so I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to Powersmile.

Cost: $5.99 CAD, 170 g / 6 oz
Available at: Amazon.ca, The Big Carrot, Well.ca
Rating: 4/5


Author: Hazel

Former green beauty blogger Elegantly Eco. Writer, reiki master, singer, artist who loves making a contribution to the positivity of people and the world in general. Now plotting my new adventure in with reiki infused art. Please check out https://radiantreiki.org

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