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Book Review: The Earth Diet by Liana Werner-Gray

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About the Author:

Liana Werner-Gray was raised in outback Australia, Alice Springs. She is an advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of many negative health conditions including a pre-cancerous tumor, digestive issues and disorderly eating through embracing a natural lifestyle, Werner-Gray began lecturing and teaching about The Earth Diet internationally. The Earth Diet was published by Hay House in October 28th 2014. As the founder and owner of The Earth Diet, Liana directs a team that helps people all over the world find recipes that work for them. Through her company, she has helped thousands of people improve, and in some cases even entirely heal, conditions such as cancer, diabetes, addictions, depression, acne, heart disease, obesity, and more. Listen to her radio show on Hay House Radio here.
Excerpted from The Earth Diet About page

Book Review:

The Earth Diet starts off with an introduction to Liana’s story. She had not been eating well after living on her own for the first time and as a result of unhealthy eating, a pre-cancerous tumor developed in her neck. Doctors gave her the options of waiting, getting surgery to remove the tumor or getting radiation. She was only 21 years old at that time and decided to do her own research to heal her body naturally. To satisfy her junk food cravings she created healthy alternative recipes for things like chocolate, hamburgers, pizza and chips. After three months of adopting a natural lifestyle, the tumour in her throat disappeared. In 2012 Liana’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was determined to help her mother heal herself and developed a program which included daily juicing, and meals made from The Earth Diet recipes. Her mother has now been cancer free for three years.

Part 1 of the book explains The Earth Diet principles. The first chapter continues with the basics. On page 6 and 7 you will find the Do’s and Don’ts. It really makes a lot of sense if you read these lists. Liana also explains why processed foods and GMOs are bad for us. Chapter 2 talks about self-healing: what it is, self-healing strategies, how to manage detox symptoms, and taking it one day at a time. Chapter 3 is about The Earth Diet lifestyle: choosing what is right for you, making your own meals, positive thinking, how to eat on a budget, and the issue of body care products. There are some DIY personal care recipes at the end of this chapter for things like: toothpaste, natural perfume, lotions, hair treatments, etc. Cleaning products and dangerous household and body care products are also addressed in this chapter. Chapter 4 deals with how to use the recipes, meal planning, and equipment. Chapter 5 lists all the things you might need in your pantry to make The Earth Diet recipes. Chapter 6 helps those who are ready to begin with The Earth Diet: cleaning out your cupboards, how to transition and what to do when you’re ready to go deeper. Part 2 of the book contains the recipes. There are recipes on juicing, making milks, smoothies, teas, raw vegan main dishes, cooked vegan dishes, Meat eater’s dishes, condiments and desserts. The Part 3 of the book contains The Earth Diet guides. So for example if you are looking to loose weight there is a guide for what to eat, drink, etc with that goal in mind. There is also a clear skin guide and a meat eater’s guide as well.

I’ve tried several of the recipes in this book and so far I have really loved them. I have a real sweet tooth and I’ve struggled for years with this as I grew up on junk food chocolate. See my post on The Benefits of Raw Chocolate for more details. So when I read in this book that I could still have a raw chocolate or something sweet every day I was really happy. I agree with Liana that when we deprive ourselves of things it just makes the problem worse. I love that The Earth Diet is so flexible. I had been a vegan at one point in my life and I got extremely sick. So I went back to eating meat though I upgraded to organic meat. I would like to become vegan again but I’m not sure if it’s possible for me. I’m going to see how my body feels as I decrease the amount of meat I eat. Intuitive eating is a really hot buzz word lately and that also makes a lot of sense to me. We often don’t credit our bodies with the intelligence it actually has. Your body often knows what it needs before you do, if you don’t get the signals mixed up. For example, Liana explained that we are able to eat so much junk food because there isn’t much nutrition in it. Then your body signals you to eat more to fill those nutritional gaps. But eating more junk food doesn’t help because junk food doesn’t nourish your body. I also didn’t realize that gluten is actually hard for anyone to digest! Check out Wellness Mama’s podcast on How to Know If You Have Gluten Sensitivity and her blog post on Why Gluten Isn’t a Food Group. I’ve cut out gluten for about two weeks now and am feeling really great. I also find that my body really likes the fresh green juices. I hope to get a juicer soon so I can make my own juices at home. Just a note: by juice I’m talking about homemade organic juice from fruits and vegetables, not the store bought kind which contains preservatives and lots of sugar. Anyway, I am really enjoying my Earth Diet journey and I will continue doing this. This is a lifestyle I know I can stick with.

Rating: 5/5


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