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DIY Toothpaste

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DIY Toothpaste

I’ve started DIYing things that I use very often. One of those is toothpaste. I ‘ve tried and liked Earthpaste so I thought why not make my own version? It would be a lot cheaper than buying it all the time. I found this recipe from Overthrow Martha and modified to my needs. For those living in an old house or a house with small pipes you may want to decrease the amount of bentonite clay and increase the baking soda. I’ve had reports that bentonite clay can clog pipes but I personally have never had a problem with the clay. I have omitted the salt from this recipe because I find the baking soda salty enough. Although dead sea salt is supposedly good for teeth because of its mineral content.


1.5 tbsp Bentonite Clay
2 tbsp Distilled water or aloe Vera juice
1 tbsp coconut oil
5 to 10 drops of essential oil like peppermint, wintergreen mint, clove, holy basil,rosemary, sage (optional)
A container (mason jar or a squeeze bottle)

Options: If you get clogged pipes from the bentonite clay you can use this ratio below and keep the rest of the ingredients the same.
1 tbsp baking soda & 1 tsp bentonite clay


Put the clay, coconut oil, and baking soda (if using) in a bowl and blend with water. Add the essential oils you like. Clove is good for getting rid of strong flavours like garlic breath. Keeps for several months in a container.

Using this toothpaste along with oil pulling helped me decrease the amount of plaque on my teeth. At least that’s what my dentist told me. I didn’t tell her that I was making my own toothpaste and oil pulling however. I’ve found some conventional dentists can be opposed to ideas like that.


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