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New Year, New Goals

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As you’ve probably noticed, I took a hiatus from posting for most of December. I wanted to take some time to think about where I want to go in the future. Most of you know that I am also a reiki master. I’ve decided to put this blog aside for now and focus on my reiki business and spiritual development. It takes a lot of my spare time to write this blog and it hasn’t left much room in my life for anything else. That is the reason why I’ve decided to put this blog on hold. This has been a difficult decision to make, as I love writing about all thing eco-friendly.

The site will remain up as a free site for those who wish to use it as a reference. There are still lots of useful links, DIYs, product reviews, articles on toxic ingredients, and book reviews for your exploration. I hope this blog has helped some of you to realize that going eco-friendly doesn’t need to be expensive. Though it’s certainly fun to splurge sometimes!

You can find me at my new site: Radiant Reiki. Hope to see you there!


Author: Hazel

Unrepentant blogger of eco beauty, fashion and info living in Toronto, Canada. Blogging and reviews about eco-friendly organic brands, beauty, fashion, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, body care, DIY recipes, home, wellness, and lifestyle products that are available in Canada.

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