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Disclaimer and Policies


I am not a certified expert. The reviews I write on this blog are purely from my personal experience. Please keep in mind that everyone’s skin is unique, so you may have a different reaction. If you have sensitive skin do a small patch test first before putting it all over your face or body. If you have any allergic reactions to the products you try, stop using it immediately and let your skin calm down. If it gets worse please contact your doctor.


I’m pretty picky about my ingredients. I believe the shorter the ingredients list the better. Some ingredients that I might find unacceptable you may be okay with. I’ll leave it to you to judge what’s right for you. My reviews are here just to help guide you and shed some light on how the particular product affected me. Some of the resources I use to look up ingredient properties are on my links page. I prefer to use EWG’s Skin Deep. Also the think dirty app is a good resource for alternatives to your toxic products.


I will normally test a product for 1 month or longer to see the actual effects the product has on my skin. Babies have a skin turnover rate of 14 days. Adults have a turn over rate of 21-28 days and after we turn 50, it can slow down to 1.5-3 months. Please keep this in mind when you also try new products on yourself.


I’m currently still transitioning my wardrobe over to eco-friendly items. I work in an office so I have to wear things like suits, blazers and generally look pretty spiffy. A lot of eco-friendly office wear is very expensive and it’s been difficult to find some things in my city. I’m not fabulously wealthy so I balance it out with buying non-eco-friendly but Canadian-made clothing as well. I’ve also just started buying less but buying more quality pieces. In the future I hope to have all of my wardrobe 100% eco-friendly.


I will accept products for review as long as they are eco-friendly, cruelty free with no animal byproducts and it’s understood that I will give a 100% honest review. If a product doesn’t work for me I may sometimes ask my mom or my husband to try it out. All products provided by the company will be indicated in the review. If you would like to contact me to review your product please email me at info@elegantlyeco.com.


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