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Win Tickets to the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto!

If you’ve been following along on my blog you’ll know that I love going to the One of a Kind Show (OOAK). I’ve been going since I was a teenager when my high school art teacher took us there on a class trip. It was small back then compared to what it is now. But I still love it for promoting Canadian businesses that we might otherwise not know about. There are vendors from all over Canada that come to the OOAK show! To read more about the history of the OOAK Show click here.

So I’m really, really happy and excited to host a Giveaway for 10 Pairs of Tickets to the One of A Kind Show opening on March 25th and going till March 29th. See details below to enter. Good Luck!

Status: CLOSED

Prize: 10 pairs of tickets to the One of a Kind Christmas Show

Enter Dates: March 18-25

Eligibility: International residents

Winners: Alison H, Mary C, Nicole J, Pam C, Yuen C, Jen L, Eliana B., Rod V, Lisa B, Anna M.


Check out my 2014 post on my must visit booth list here.

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One of a Kind Show 2014 #OOAKx14

Well it’s that time of year again! I was at the One of A Kind Show on Saturday. Let me tell you it was one hopping place! Especially the food isles! Anyhoot, I saw a lot of my old fave artisans had booths again this year. Plus some other new artisans I hadn’t noticed last year. Here’s my must visit booth list! Learn more about each artisan by clicking on their company name. If you haven’t already, you still have time to go. The One of a Kind Show closes on Sunday, December 7th!

Olive Authentique – Booth B20
I’ve purchased their products before and love them! Read my review here on their soaps. They also made my best of 2013 post. I first heard about them through Ecoholic author Adria Vasil.
From: Lakefield, QC


Krazy Lady Kreations – Booth D22
Marie Armstrong makes amazing artistic and colourful rugs and mats. The colour, movement and creativity of her designs really caught my eyes. Beautiful work.
From: Niagara Falls, ON

Mini Loop – Booth D53
These light boxes by Hugh Cantin are so beautiful and cool! They would make an amazing house warming gift or just a general gift to a person who appreciates things of an artistic nature.
From: Montreal, QC


Patrick Markle Studio – Booth E26
Wow! These landscapes are both vividly realistic and dreamy at the same time. That appeals to the romantic in me and I just have to admire Patrick’s talent.
From: Fernie, BC

This is J – Booth I04
The headbands at this booth really caught my eyes. They also make circle scarves, toques and bamboo pyjamas!
From: Toronto, ON

Cokluch – Booth I43
Some interesting clothing made by Cokluch using various textiles. I love their cutting edge urban look.
From: Montreal, QC

Little Shop of Lobsters – E57
I don’t eat much lobster. But I was just tickled by the sign and name of the company. If you love lobster you must visit this booth!
From: St. Catherines, ON


Studio Fresh – Booth T29
A fave from last year, Connie makes funky yet functional clothing right here in Toronto!
From: Toronto, ON


Mined reCreations – Booth Q10
Joanne Jones creates fashion accessories using reclaimed texiles. Gotta love this eco-friendly concept!
From: Cambridge, ON


Vespertine – Booth Q30
Melanie makes beautiful clothing for the young professional women of today. Another fave from last year!
From: Toronto, ON.


Dear Frankie – Booth Y50
Ya gotta love an underwear that claims not to give you muffin top!
From: Toronto, ON


Noujica – Booth Z09
Another fave from last year, Noujica makes, scarves, hats, bags and belts using organic cotton and recycled materials. Lovely colour and patterns!
From: Montreat, QC

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Win tickets to the One of a Kind Show! #OOAKX14 @ooak_toronto

ooak calendar listing

If you’ve been following along on my blog you’ll know that I love going to the One of a Kind Show (OOAK). I’ve been going since I was a teenager when my high school art teacher took us there on a class trip. It was small back then compared to what it is now. But I still love it for promoting Canadian businesses that we might otherwise not know about. There are vendors from all over Canada that come to the OOAK show! To read more about the history of the OOAK Show click here. This November marks the OOAK 40th anniversary!

Other lovely things that will be at the OOAK Show.
L to R: Coats by Mary Ellen, Birch plywood clock by Nygaard Design, Mini Fruit Cake Trio by Toque & Tablier, Goats Milk Soap by Liv Simple Farms

So I’m really, really happy and excited to host a Giveaway for 5 Pairs of Tickets to the One of A Kind Show opening on November 27th & going till December 7th. See details below to enter.

Status: CLOSED

Prize: 5 pairs of tickets to the One of a Kind Christmas Show

Enter Dates: November 21 to November 27, 2014

Eligibility: International residents.

Winners: Katie V, Nicole, Eldon L, Tracey W, Jenise L


Check out my 2013 post on my must visit booth list here. If you go to the show please say hi to me!


Product Review: @OAuthentique ~ Dead Sea Mud Bar, Olive and Grape Seed Bar


Picture taken by elegantly eco

Dead Sea Mud Bar
Ingredients: Sodium Palmate (saponified palm oil), Sodium castorate (saponified castor oil), Theobroma Cacao (cacao butter), Sodium Olivate (saponified olive oil), water, glycerin, Dead Sea Mud, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus), Metha Piperita (Peppermint)

As I mentioned in my December/January Empties post, I’m not sure if Olive Authentique is still making this bar! That’s why I had to write out the ingredients above.  I can’t find it on their website to link to the ingredients list. Anyhoot, I bought this at the One of a Kind Show in Nov 2013 & it’s on my Best of 2013 list as well. It’s a sweet little soap bar. It lasted me longer than I was expecting & was so moisturizing. My skin felt like velvet when I used it.  As you can see from the picture I took it’s a light beige in colour.  There are also no scrubby bits in this soap bar unlike the Olive & Grapeseed bar (see below).  The scent is so mild you can hardly smell anything. But if I had to describe the smell I would say it’s very clean smelling. I also noticed that while I was using this soap I didn’t get any acne on my neck or back which I’m prone to do. I would repurchase this if it’s still in production!

Cost: Full size, $10.00, 100g
Available at: Olive Authentique
Rating: 5/5

Picture taken by elegantly eco

Olive & Grape Seed Bar
Ingredients for Premium Facial Soap

The ingredients actually haven’t been posted on the website yet but I believe them to be similar to the premium facial soap with the exception that there are some exfoliating ingredients in the bar.  They feel like walnut shell grinds. In any case, if you have sensitive skin I would not recommend you use this soap on your face. I found the bar too abrasive. Without the abrasiveness however, I really liked the bar. It wasn’t as moisturizing or hydrating as the Dead Sea Mud Bar I reviewed above. But it did a good job. This bar would be best for the summer when your skin is feeling a little rough, or if you like a bar that’s a bit more exfoliating. Actually I was just thinking this bar would be good for guys to use especially after playing some type of sport or after doing some construction. Some activity where you get really dirty. LOL. It’s scent is very gender neutral. There’s practically no scent. And it’s moisturizing enough that guys could take care of their skin without appearing to go to much effort. (Most of the guys I know are like that.) I’m not sure if I would repurchase this bar since I liked the Dead Sea Mud Bar better.  But if that’s out of production then I would probably stick to my old fave Ground Soap.

Cost: Full size, $10.00, 100g
Available at: Olive Authentique
Rating: 3/5


One of a Kind Christmas Show 2013


Squee! I went to the Toronto One of a Kind Show (OOAK) yesterday (open now until Dec 8th). I know I know, its kinda geeky of me. But ever since my high school teacher introduced me to the OOAK I’ve loved it. The first time I attended it was held in the old Automotive Building at the CNE & it looked like a winter wonderland. I thought I’d died & gone to heaven. Since then, the show has of course gotten much larger & more commercial. I’ve come to realize that though the products sold here may be of higher price points, sometimes you do get what you pay for. And if you buy things of better quality & buy less often, you really are saving money. Plus I love supporting Canadian businesses so its all win win for me! To read more about the history of the OOAK Show click here.

And now without further ado, here’s my must visit booth list for the OOAK Show where I either bought or admired things in the booth. I’ve listed the booths by alphabetical order.

@ooak_toronto Marcelo glass artisan booth A20 beautiful #earrings #pendants #jewelley

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Marcelo Glass Artisan – Booth A20
Marcelo Escobar makes some lovely glass jewellry. He had earrings, pendants & bracelets on display. While I really loved the artistry I don’t need any new jewellry right now. But I will keep him in mind for the future! This is what I love about OOAK. Discovering Canadian artisans that I haven’t heard about.
From: Montreal, QC.

@noujica booth A38 @ooak_toronto lovely #scarf & #bags

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Noujica – Booth A38
They make lovely handmade scarfs, hats, belts, earrings & bags from materials such as organic cotton & recycled leather. I bought a lovely cloud scarf for myself at this booth.
From: Montreal, QC.

Image Source: One of a Kind Show

Tiffiani Sabri – Booth B09
I wasn’t really in the market for some new artwork. But I was walking by Tiffiani Sabri’s booth & one of her pieces caught my eye. I just couldn’t resist. I bought a small painting from her & am mighty glad I did!
From: Kitchener, ON

Image Source: All Things Jill

All Things Jill – Booth C21
Also mentioned by Adria Vasil in her post last year about OOAK. I stopped by the booth to sniff her lovely products & bought her massage oil in Zen Lotus which can also be used as a body oil. The oil also comes in Aegean Mint & Sunflower Citrus. Looking forward to trying it out!
From: Calgary, AB

@mandala_designs booth C04 @ooak_toronto #clothing #local

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Mandala Design – Booth C04
One of my fave clothing lines is made by local designer Mandy Armstrong. The booth looked pretty busy so I didn’t go in & try on anything. But I know I can easily get her clothes at Fresh Collective.
From: Toronto, ON.

R14 purse
Image Source: Ressac

Ressac – Booth D48
Bought a gift for someone at this booth. I can’t say what or for whom obviously! LOL. But Ressac makes modern, edgy bags, wallets & other accessories from recycling punctured inner tubes. I love the clean, modern lines of their products & the different colour options. My next go to place when I want a new bag or wallet.
From: Sherbrooke, QC

@oauthentique oh la la Dead Sea mud soap! @ooak_toronto #soap #organic

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Picture of Olive & Grape Seed Soap & their Dead Sea Mud Soap
Image Source: Moi

Olive Authentique – Booth D20
Adria Vasil mentioned Olive Authentique in her post last year about OOAK. I took a quick look at their website & fell in love with the Dead Sea Mud Soap (which I purchased).  I also bought a bar of their Olive & Grape Seed Soap to try. They smell so good!
From: Lakefiled, QC

Maude Blazer
Image Source: Paper People Clothing

Paper People Clothing – Booth F08
I discovered Paper People at Fresh Collective when I went to the Kensington boutique for the first time earlier this year. Turns out Adria Vasil also mentioned them in her post about OOAK last year! Local designer Jennifer Fukushima creates new clothing out of recycled materials & eco-friendly textiles. I love the style of her clothing line & of course that it’s eco-friendly. Plus they make everything right in my city!
From: Toronto, ON.

Dvorak Nuts & Chocolate – Booth G52
I just had to stop & see what the “better than sex” sign was about, it made me laugh. Turns out it’s their dark chocolate product. And yes, it is delicious! Though some might argue about the title & whether it is better than sex! LOL. I bought 3 packages. One for me & hubby, & the other two to give away.
From: Delta, BC

Diana Diamond Dress
Image Source: Desserts & Skirts

Desserts & Skirts – Booth H26
Another clothing line available at Fresh Collective.  Really, the gals at Fresh Collective know what’s what! Designer Nicole Boudreau also is a Toronto designer. Love their totally feminine line of dresses, tops, & skirts. I purchased a purple tunic/dress from this booth. Both Nicole & her friend were so friendly & funny too!
From: Toronto, ON.

Corso Caplet
Image Source: Vespertine

Vespertine – Booth N30
Melanie Ferrara uses eco-friendly textiles to design her new line of “modern, conscious, effortlesss…& beautiful” clothing. I actually met Melanie when I ordered some custom pieces from her a year ago when she was making clothing under her Device Design line.  Love the new look Melanie!
Note: Quote taken from Vespertine’s About page.
From: Toronto, ON.

La Louve Dress
Image Source: Annie50

Annie50 – Booth O48
Also available at Fresh Collective, Annie50 is inspired by retro clothing styles but with a modern twist. I love the vibrant colours of their clothing & the unique way they put pieces together. You can choose from up to three colours for some styles in pants, dresses, skirts, tops, etc. I have their Sunset dress in black.
From: Montreal, QC

Image Source: Eve Gravel

Eve Gravel – Booth P44
”Contemporary…flirty & feminine” is a perfect way to describe Eve Gravel’s clothing. Eve herself was there at the booth & she was so nice. Her staff at the booth were also very helpful. I tried on a couple of things & ended up buying the Three of Joy blouse pictured above.
Note: Quote taken from Bio page on Eve Gravel website.
From: Montreal, QC

Image Source: Studio Fresh

Studio Fresh – Booth S29
Okay I’ve talked about Studio Fresh before in my I heart Canadian-made clothing post. I’ve been back to their Danforth Avenue store a second time since my first visit & bought more clothing from them. Connie Meyer’s designs totally suit me. They are whimsical but with a modern & urban flair. The booth was so busy that I couldn’t hope to get into their fitting rooms. But I will definitely go back to visit the store again!
From: Toronto, ON

Image Source: One of a Kind Show

Skinny Sweats – Booth R23
I really liked the idea of sweats that didn’t look all baggy & ugly but were still comfy. Skinny Sweats solves this dilemma with a woman’s body in mind. Their skinnies come in different styles & fabrics. I think these pants would be perfect for wearing with long boots in the winter! And in the warmer months they would be a good replacement for yoga pants. I tried on a couple of pairs of the skinny basic but they were way too long for petite ole me. The lady at the booth said they could do a custom pair to fit my height! Now that’s service. Not many designers would do that for you! I’m going to buy one in black & another in a different colour or fabric. I haven’t decided which colour yet.
From: Toronto, ON.

Image Source: One of a Kind Show

Abeego – Booth V23
Abeego makes eco-friendly, reusable wraps & pouches as an alternative to the decidedly non-eco-friendly saran wrap.  Their wraps can be used to “Package cheese, form around produce, wrap lunch items, baked goods and more.” I personally use their flat wraps to freeze organic veggies I’ve chopped up.  That’s more eco-friendly than buying a plastic bag of frozen veggies from the supermarket. I bought a package of their different sized wraps & also two of their pouch type wraps. Best thing about Abeego’s products? They are washable & reusable. When they’re finally worn out they can be placed in your compost bin! You can also buy Abeego at the Grassroots store.
Note: Quote taken from One of a Kind Show Abeego Aristan page.
From: Victoria, BC

Well peeps, there’s my round up. I also saw a lot of art, sculpture, & other things that caught my eyes. Of course I can’t mention them all here! Otherwise my post would go on forever. Just get yourself to the  One of a Kind Show & have some fun!