Elegantly Eco

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Favourite Blogs

Eco-Friendly Fashion, DIY, and Beauty Blogs

You can see what green blogs I follow on Bloglovin as well, but here’s a brief list of blogs I often use like reference books.

Samantha Stylish – A blog focusing on Canadian made clothing

Queen of Green – Tips, recipes, issues on how to be sustainable. Affiliated with the David Suzuki Foundation.

Ecoholic, Adria Vasil – Adria is the author of Ecoholic Body and Ecoholic Home. Based in Toronto, she writes about local eco issues and guides on how to buy more eco-friendly.

No More Dirty Looks – authors of the book with the same name, Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt review products that are eco-friendly.

Sophie Uliano – Author of Gorgeously Green and Green for Good, Sophie has lots of tips on living an eco-friendly lifestyle. She is based in California.

Crunchy Betty  –  Some great DIY recipes!

The Grist – Enviromental news from around the world

ecouterre – News on fashion with an emphasis on eco-friendly issues

The Dodo – Keep up on eco issues. Plus lots of cute animal stories and pictures.


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