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Eco-Friendly Links

Eco Beauty, Eco Friendly Fashion, Cosmetics, Skincare, and Natural Organic Foods

Here is a list of useful links, shops, and apps related to the wellness lifestyle, eco-friendly fashion, and organic beauty.

Services, Resources, and Tools

think dirty app – An app you can download on your smartphone to see how toxic or how safe a cosmetic brand is.

Cosmetics Database – For checking on the toxicity of cosmetics.

David Suzuki – One of my fave charities and places to get info.

Brian Chard Design – Canadian freelance designer specializing in graphic design and website design.

Clean Care – Promoting safe beauty and personal care products

Iron You – This is a food blog with lots of inventive recipes for those who want to eat gluten free, vegan, or paleo. I’m going to try the cauliflower crust recipe soon!

Joyous Health – I have Joy McCarthy’s book as well and similar to The Earth Diet there are a lot of great tips for eating healthy plus lots of nutritious recipes. The recipes are available on her website as well as her book.

Earth Diet – I received this book after calling into the Hay House Radio show and I have to say that I love it so far! The principles in the book are easy to follow, not restrictive, and make a lot of sense compared to other nutrition books that I’ve read.

My Top Eco-friendly Online Stores and Places to Shop

Grassroots – Online & retail store that sells eco-friendly items. Ships from Toronto, Canada.

Organic Lifestyle – Online store that sells eco-friendly bedding, clothing, kitchen and home items. Ships from Toronto, Canada.

Noah’s Natural Foods – Online & retail store, sells vitamins, skincare, etc. They carry Evan Healy, oh my!

Fresh Faced – Online eco-cosmetics shop, ships from Toronto, Canada. Great brands!

Detox Market Canada – Online eco-cosmetics shop, ships from Toronto, Canada. There’s also a USA site!

Clementine Fields – An online eco-cosmetics shop, ships from Toronto as well

Pure + Simple – A natural Candadian Cosmetics Company that ships from Toronto.

Consonant Body Care  – Eco-friendly body care. Their under eye cream is to die for!

Haut Cosmetics – A vegan cosmetics brand. Ships from BC, Canada

Flowers to Fragance – Eco-friendly, handmade skincare, body care and essential oils made in rural Ontario. Direct from a lavender farm!

Batty’s Bath – Eco-friendly, handmade skincare, body care, haircare, cosmetics made in London, Ontario. Some of my faves from this brand include her amazing masks and conditioner!

Well.ca – Lots of options for organic supplements and foods. But note that they also carry some toxic products so you must cherry pick the brands which are eco-friendly. Ships from Guelph, Canada.


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